Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rapid Fire

Hello!  Hannah here from The Braided Bandit bringing you a comfy every day outfit and some pro-tips on how to take really unfortunate and awkward photos for your blog!  So you see, my sweet boyfriend who oftentimes takes my blog pictures for me recently developed his own photography technique I like to call "rapid fire".  Taking blog photos is probably not his favorite thing in the world to do even though he is usually very willing to help (I am sure some of you can relate)! So, his new rapid fire technique is basically where he just snaps a bunch of unposed and unsuspecting pictures of me to get the job done EXTRA quickly.  Though I am a fan of seeing more candid photos of bloggers, I am not a fan of the rapid fire. I didn't know it was possible to capture so many awkward moments and poses within a 45 second time span, but here is the proof that it is indeed possible:
Outfit Details: Top - borrowed from Katie // Jeans - Volcom // Hat - Brixton // Shoes - thrifted

So while I don't love the rapid fire technique, I DO love this striped vintage tee I borrowed from Katie! Instead of going for my my usual more girly ensembles, I decided to pair it with a pair of boyfriend jeans, oxfords, and a boater hat.  Basically, it was a bit more masculine version of the way Katie styled it here.  I adore her heeled oxfords and dainty boater hat!
I also styled Katie's stop with a vintage pinafore while on a camping trip!  You can see the full post here.  Thanks for stopping by and bearing with these really awkward photos of mine, and thanks to Katie for letting me borrow her beautiful striped top!
xo Hannah


  1. oh this is too funny Hannah!! my hubs has done this as well w/ burst since it's also not his fav thing although he too is very willing to help. i must say though that you look adorable in these. I love all your big smiles!! and I LOVE this little sweater top of katie's, such a pretty little classic and I like your more androg styling of it, jeans but making a super fun outfit to me can be hard to do but you nailed it.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  2. MY DAD DOES THE SAME THING!! Mostly because he thinks he's being funny and he catches me making ugly faces and that's even funnier to him. Boys, I tell ya!!
    I love this look!!! Casual and put together, perfect! A striped shirt is always a great piece to have

  3. Well, the ones you showed us anyway are far from awkward. Candid maybe, but lovely. I like the tomboy spin you took with this shirt!

  4. Haha Ethan TOTALLY does this!! He actually likes taking my photos most of the time but for some reason he likes to take like 50 pics in the span of 10 seconds.... makes for some interesting shots for sure and too many photos to go through! Lol. Really these aren't so awkward though :) I did like 3rd/4th one ;) Cute outfit! I love that hat with it and the sweater looks super cute casual as well as dressed up.

  5. I see from the comments that all guys do this hahaha. I always tell Marc to cease fire too, and he just laughs and keeps doing it. It's always fun to shift through 200 unusable pictures afterward.... ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Dude, not to sound like everyone else...but Jeremy does the same exact thing sometimes when he gets lazy, so once I hear him start to rapid fire with those pictures, I just start moving around like crazy at the speed of light just so I don't have 100 pictures of the same pose. It captures some of the coolest moments but also some of the ABSOLUTE worst. :P

  7. Love your whole style very vintage laid back :) Super cute boater hat and lovely blog

  8. Super cute, guys!
    My camera's self timer is set so it shoots a bunch really quickly, which is great for gif-making, but I do end up with a lot of awkward shots!
    Love the new design up in here!


  9. really cute casual looks :) I digging the hat and cute skirt!


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