Sunday, November 17, 2013

Style Challenge: Scarves

With fall in full swing and winter making its dreaded arrival for some of us, we thought it would be fitting for this month's style challenge to be an easy one, but one that we all wear — scarves. We all live in different climates (it's still warm for our California and Arizona bloggers, but it's starting to snow for those of us in the Midwest), but fortunately we can all find ways to fit scarves into our wardrobes as we transition from season to season. How do you wear scarves?

Elana of Room 334

I've basically been living in infinity scarves this fall. They're such easy pieces to throw on over dresses and sweaters. It's my favorite way to put minimal effort into getting ready in the mornings, but still manage to look like I tried hard. I'm really hoping to get more scarves for Christmas to pile on and help me get through winter. If you're reading this, friends and family, I hope you take the hint. More scarves, please!

Although I really adore scarves, they never seem to make it into my outfits much!  When I do wear them, they're usually more for function than fashion.  But my favorite way to wear scarves (in a rather impractical way) is probably this slightly-hipster-slash-cowpoke look, especially with a neutral dress.  I really want to get some more square scarves, not only to wear them this way, but so that I can try them in my hair in retro-inspired ways.  

I really love what scarves add to an outfit- it always just makes them feel more complete. During colder months, I love a knit scarf or cowl and every year I try to make one or two to add to the rotation. During the warmer months I often find ways to incorporate a vintage scarf into an outfit, either in my hair or tied in a bow and pinned to my clothes. It's almost winter scarf season in Arizona and I can't wait!

Jessica of Midwest Muse

Scarves are are for comfort and warmth, but if done right can also accent an outfit completely. I struggle wearing scarves that I can't keep on all day, so that's why I love this lovely and large pink scarf. I wear tons of pink and this shade gives me endless ways to look stylish and warm. Which is really the best part of any accessory.

For those who know me, you know I'm no stranger to scarves. You can find me wearing one most of the time. And even though I'm the type of gal who sleeps with thick, fluffy covers up to her neck year-round, I've never been fond of draping scarves around my shoulders. I prefer to wear them in my hair. I really love the way it looks, and there are so many different ways to style a scarf for hair. Plus, in these cold-weather months, my scarves help to keep my ears warm! That gives me an excuse to buy more scarves, right?

Dus of Cuddly Cacti

It's no secret that I have an obsession with Mexican textiles, so whenever fall finally rolls around over here in Arizona, we do a little dance at the chance to pull them out again. It might be a secret though for me to admit that I think I'd never even worn a scarf until college. The truth is that it's not really necessary during the day, even in winter here, but it sure helps on my early morning bike rides to work! 

Erica of Sweets and Hearts
Scarves are perfect for those strange in-between transitional weather periods. Here in southern California, it's barely starting to feel like fall (and it's the middle of November!). We even had a couple of days last week where it was in the late 80's and and then today, it was gloomy and chilly. Since the weather gets unpredictable this time of year, I usually dress in layers by adding sweaters, scarves, and tights to my outfits. I especially like knit wool or cashmere ones for when it's extra cold outside. I'm excited for winter time because I have some really cute chunky knit scarves that my grandma crocheted for me (and hers are the best, really)!

Scarves are definitely my go-to accessory during the fall and winter months! Especially infinity scarves! They're so easy to throw on, add extra warmth (especially if I'm wearing my hair up!) and just make any outfit that much better! I have way too many scarves in my closet. A good friend of mine happens to make and sell super cute infinity scarves and was sweet enough to give me a couple plaid ones from her shop, which have quickly become my favorite! I don't own a lot of plaid, but have really been loving it this year, so these have been the perfect piece!


  1. Ooh, I especially love Sammi's square scarf. It makes me think of patterns on China, so elegant. You can also see the differences in everyone's style when you do posts like this.

  2. I love wearing scarves (as I'm sure you all know), and I love seeing how you all (brilliantly I must add) styled them!! I managed my time quite poorly yesterday and didn't add mine.
    Love these looks!!

  3. i love scarves and wish i could wear them more months out of the year


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