Monday, December 30, 2013

Absent-Minded Professor


"Remixing" your wardrobe (that is, using the same items in different ways) is really key to making your closet work for you; it's also what Flock Together is really all about. I love seeing (and wearing!) pieces remixed in new and different ways. But remixing doesn't stop at the closets of the other Flock Together ladies! Since howling winds have made picture taking difficult, I thought I'd show off one of my own most remixed pieces. This tweed blazer is just a touch Absent-Minded Professor and therefore a perfect layering piece for fall and winter. It's great for a day in the stacks, teaching or for wandering into funky cafes or down dirt roads.

What's your favorite layering piece for winter?



  1. Wow this is an amazing and versatile piece!! I love all the ways you've styled it :)

  2. love this jacket! everytime i see it it makes me want it and want to read tons of books in it :D all the styles you have paired it with are so fun and different! such a great show of an awesome piece to remix! xoRach

    1. A piece of clothing that makes you want to read tons of books? That is a high compliment! :D

  3. That blazer is super versatile! I love all the different ways that you have styled it. Looks great!

  4. Seriously loving this blazer on you, Kristian!


  5. ahh there is a very "professor-ish" blazer on Modcloth that I've been coveting.. Yours is great! My favorite layering piece this winter is a black babydoll dress I've had for years. I wear it over black jeans and a long sleeve polka dot tee :)

  6. i didn't realize you'd remixed this blazer so many diff ways- this is awesome Kristian! it's a gorgeous blazer and i love how you've gotten so creative in the diff looks. you look great in that little top hat and i love the feminine meets masculine w/ the skirts.


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