Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little Talks

Erica of Sweets and Hearts

I may not be the best person to get winter fashion ideas from (it's been in the 70s and 80s lately). I've mostly been sticking to light sweaters and tights. Luckily, this vintage striped tee from Katie works perfectly for the weather we've been having.

I wore it with a chambray skirt, over-the-knee socks, lace-up ankle boots, and my new wide brim cloche hat from Forever 21. The custom name necklace is from oNecklace (cute, huh? I've always wanted one). 

Click for Outfit Details

Guest appearance from my dog, Bojangles. 
He likes following me around when I take outfit photos.

The tee itself is a bit on the plain side, but I think we were all able to add our own little touches to personalize it (all skirts, too). Katie creatively added bright hues and cute accessories to her outfit. I love Hannah's pinafore and casual vibe, as well as Jen's twirly polka-dotted skirt (my personal favorite!).

How would you style the tee?
Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Erica you look great- I especially like the boots with the brown in the shirt.

  2. This is cute as can be! I hear ya on the warm winter- I have had pretty much the same outfit recipe lately.

  3. I love this! I wish it was warm enough to wear something like that here haha


  4. Love the thigh high sock with boots look! Fashionable all year round!

  5. This top looks so cute on everyone, I love it with the chambray skirt and bowler!

    xo Hannah

  6. such a cute outfit! xxx

    I also have a big beauty pamper pack giveaway on my blog! check it out if youd like xx

  7. I really really like those boots. My winter shoes just fell apart last week and now I back to zero on boots and those look great!

  8. Gorgeous outfit! Your skirt is absolutely beautiful! :)


  9. You are so pretty and so fashionable! :D

  10. Oh I LOVE this! It's so simple, but adorable. The boots make it that perfect amount of edgy. I love it.

  11. cute look! it's pretty simple and almost boyish, but you still look great. A denim-y chambray skirt like that is totally on my wishlist!

    perfectly Priya

  12. I love this outfit! So classic - the tee goes great with that skirt!



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