Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mata Traders Remix

Hi everyone, Dus of Cuddly Cacti here! I borrowed this little Mata Traders dress from Marisa and it's really a nice number, which is what I expected, since you've heard me talk about my affinity for the company and their fair trade pieces before. I subconsciously took a cue from Marisa herself it looks, and did some autumnal layering under my dress. In Marisa's post she styled it up for all the seasons, so be sure to click on over!  

Outfit details: dress- Mata Traders borrowed from Marisa; boots- vintage via Ebay (2009); bag + blouse- vintage thrifted; beanie- made by colleague for me; necklace- family heirloom.

 You can see everyone's past looks here: Sammi // My remix (later) // Amy // Marisa (many lovely versions).

Before sending this lovely Mata Traders dress on to Amy, I actually remixed it a second time, this time in blue hues. However, I ended up liking my first remix best, and decided to include it as my main post, although I added my other remix as a smaller shot, and I'll post more my blog later. Do you all have a favorite remix and end up sticking with that version multiple times or do you also get so creative like Marisa did with her remixes? I love how she really made the most of this dress with such different looks! I'll admit, in "real life" you'll often find me rolling into work (literally, I bike to work : ) into the same outfit often.



  1. I'm really impressed how versatile this dress has been. A kinda 70s fall look here, Sammi's sweet take on it, Amy in a leather jacket! Wow.

  2. lovely vintage look! love it<3

  3. I love it Dus! Such a vintage, bohemian vibe. I really loved seeing all the way Marisa styled it for the seasons, and it's great to see how you all did even more variations!

  4. Love, love, love this Dus! I have several similar pieces in my wardrobe - so I will definitely be copy-catting you next time I wear it :-)

  5. You all look gorg! I might have to borrow this one!
    Loving the floral sleeves and beanie Dus, such a cute look!



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