Monday, February 3, 2014

Borrowed Cacti

Outfit details: skirt- borrowed from Lisa; sweater- thrifted; peacoat, market bag,  booties- vintage (coat in my vintage shop here); watch- Sprout Watches.  

Lisa // Lisa // Jen

Hi everone, Dus of Cuddly Cacti here! I posted this over on Jen's blog as a guest post, but wanted to share the remix over here as well. I decided to do a "Jen-inspired outfit," which to me means rockin' the understated neutrals. I'm always inspired by how sharp Jen looks pairing neutrals together, in classic "less is more" style. Generally I might have paired this cacti skirt with a really bright top, and I guess it's winter now and this look is quite autumnal, but here ya have it. Of course I'm very tempted to take a cue from Lisa as well and do another remix rocking the brights, because seriously, how awesome does she look!?



  1. Super pretty skirt! I like the vintage inspired look you've achieved :)


  2. cute outfit!

    from helen at

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  3. So glad you got to showcase this stunner outfit here too.

  4. Very cool post. Shows that one item can be worn in so many ways, if you exercise creativity. I like the way you wore it. I like your boots.
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  5. Super cute Dus, the caramel color sweater looks so great with this skirt! And thank so much for posting today, it was a bit of a crazy day for me and it was much appreciated!!!
    xo Hannah

  6. The cactus print artwork on that skirt is lovely. I like the colours of the sweater and peacoat you styled it with. It's a pretty outfit.


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