Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Midwest Muse Remix

Happy Tuesday!  It's Ashley of Southern (California) Belle and I wanted to post something a little different on the Flock Together blog today.  While I love and admire the style of every girl in this group, I tend to swap in Jessica of Midwest Muse's closet the most.  She has a fabulous wardrobe, we are miraculously the same size (there is a quite a height difference between us!), and her love of dresses is just as ridiculous as mine.  I'm showing you how I styled my favorite pieces of Jessica's below, I hope you enjoy!




No joke, that pink tulle dress is my absolute favorite.  Not even in her closet, pretty much of all time.  As you can see it's quite easy to become enamored with her clothes.  I'm especially impressed with how she styles them :)


  1. So many adorable looks, Jessica has quite the amazing closet to choose from! I also love how for a lot of the F.T. girls, roundup posts like this could be a study of all of your different amazing hair colors and styles too, not just about the clothing! :)
    xo Hannah

  2. cute and so summery - I'm jealous!

    Have a great day,
    Lucy xxx

    Florals & Corals

  3. God Jessica has the best closet ever. I love all the pieces you've borrowed from her. My favourite that I've borrowed was the galaxy print dress that I recently had to send back

  4. Jessica does have an amazing closet!! This was a fun round up, to see some past looks you've had!


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