Sunday, March 23, 2014

Style Challenge: Monochrome Outfits

This month we were ready for a challenge and monochrome outfits fit the bill since they can be pretty difficult to pull off.  But challenges are rewarding and we ended up with some awesome looks using what we already had in our clothes.  So enjoy, get inspired, and try this challenge for yourself!

Feel free to share links to any of your monochrome outfits in the comments below. We'd love to see how you guys rock the theme. :)


When in doubt, wear black. Nothing will make you look more put together, right? That's the theory anyway and one hypothesis I like to think passes the test! See more here!

I was just going to post the first photo, all in neutrals of an oatmeal shade here, but then I decided I couldn't let a monochromatic style challenge go by without re-posting this red look over again. While oatmeal can be good for a day when you want to blend in, an all-over bright will surely make you stand out! Especially in a get-me-noticed shade like red.

monochrome outfit lala faux bois
Lisa of Lala Faux Bois
For my monochrome outfit I decided to go with blue because well, it's the best color- obviously! I definitely have the most of it in my closet, and I love pairing this vintage skirt and shirt together. These ice blue tights are a favorite when I want a light color and white just won't do.
Did you know that blue is the most popular color in the world? 
I tend to be a little matchy-matchy with my color schemes, so the whole monochrome trend comes fairly easily to me!  I usually like sticking with more classic colors or neutrals (like red, black or white) when it comes to this trend, or else I will use different hues of the same color (like in my Valentine-y pink outfit).  The trick is to make sure the overall look isn't too overwhelming! 
Jen of JennifHsieh
When it comes to monochrome outfits I always tend to stick to neutrals or dark tones to stay away from being overwhelming. Then again, I'm always usually a neutrals girl so I guess that's not saying much coming from me. In this specific outfit, I decided to go for an all white look which is a challenge since my food usually gets everywhere whenever I eat. I think I played it pretty safe with my food choices though and ended the work day without a spot or stain. But when it comes to monochrome looks, I always tend to pick a secondary color to balance out the outfit in small but powerful ways (i.e. the tan belt and moccassins). 
Dus of Cuddly Cacti

Well, this challenge sure was a challenge for me! I kept thinking of what items I could pair together for this monochrome style challenge, and nothing felt quite "me." I thought back to my old posts, and while I've surely done something more recently, this was the most monochrome outfit I could think of, and the top of course has lots of cream in it. It's crazy to look back and see that this was after I'd only been blogging a few months, which was nearly three years ago (and wow, pardon the awful photo quality I had back then)! 

I have to admit, it was a bit difficult for me to find outfits of mine that featured a monochrome style.  As a love of combining different color combinations, I rarely think to combine the the same color with itself! I do actually love the statement it makes though, especially if the colors are in the same family with just slightly different shades!  

So they say it's not easy being green, but I beg to differ.  Though I don't own much in the way of green myself, I felt up to the challenge of styling a monochrome look around this little green daisy dress I recently acquired from Jana's closet.  Green ... especially mint is one of my favorite colors, so I couldn't help but kinda just love the end result.  What's your favorite color to build a monochrome look around?


  1. Such a cute idea for a theme! Sammi, I love that your 3 outfits looks like a spread for adorable Valentines looks with the pink, cream, and red :)


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