Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jana of Small Town, Big Smile!

Hey all! I’m Jana, one of the newest members of Flock Together. I’ve been following the Flock Together ladies for a while now, so becoming a part of the group is definitely something I’m thrilled about! I’m a 32 year old Marketing Assistant from New Brunswick, Canada. That’s right, where the seasons are: Summer, Almost Winter, Winter, and Still Winter, so be prepared for lots of remixes that involve layers and tights year-round!

My blog, Small Town, BigSmile!, is named pretty literally. I’m from a very small town in northern New Brunswick, and although I moved around for several years after graduating high school (attended UNB in Fredericton, studied Interior Design in Montreal, and worked in furniture retail / Interior Design in Ottawa), I ended up coming back, which I never thought I would do.  After finding a job I love, I decided it was time to settle down, and bought my forever home (our neighbours are horses!), met the man of my dreams who I’m about to marry, and we have our little family of three fur kids (who love to photobomb my blog photos). All of these items gives me pretty good reasons to have a big smile on my face!

I started blogging quite some time ago as a means to keep in touch with friends and family.  It was more of an occasional journal at the time, with photos and happenings.  In the past few years, I switched it to a style blog.  Being in such a small town, my style stands out quite a bit from others.  I found other bloggers who were style-inspiration for me, and decided that a style blog would be a good means to force myself to make a conscious effort into remixing my wardrobe, and thinking outside of the bubble.

My style definitely pulls from the1930s to the 1960s, mixing retro with vintage. It’s rare you’ll see me in pants unless it’s when we’re on the motorcycle, and even then, I try to find a way to bring my style into practical items for biking. I’m easy to spot with a very sparkly retro style helmet that quite resembles a bowling ball. But don’t let the motorcycle and tattoos fool you, I’m a girly-girl through and through. I love fit & flare dresses, novelty prints, frills, lace, florals…  I love flowers in my hair, and pretending a floppy hat is an umbrella. I’m also addicted to teacups, mint green, twirling, and most things vintage. 




  1. So so happy you're part of the group, Jana (and not just because you have such a great wardrobe)! Great introductory post. Can't wait to see you style some FT items!

    xox Sammi

  2. Happy Still Winter/Almost Spring! I love all of the pretty dresses you wore in the photographs above! The prints and colours are all beautiful and the dresses all have a lovely shape. I love the twirling/dancing photo too. This is a wonderful introductory "about" post and introduction to your blog Small Town BIG SMILE!

  3. You are adorable! Loved getting to know more about you, and now I am waiting for a motorcycle outfit photo with your helmet on ;)

  4. Jana- it was so fun to read this and learn more about you! What a great story about how you ended up back in your home town and falling in love with it. Also cool that you've lived in Montreal- that's high on my must-see list!

  5. ohhh shes adorable! exciting new addition to the awesome little group! can't wait to see more!

  6. omg how cute and beautiful!


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