Monday, May 19, 2014

Embroidered Dress Remix

I wore this Mexican embroidered dress a little while back, on Easter actually, and by now it's already gotten over to one of our newest members, Jana of Small Town, Big Smile! It was a perfect cozy dress for the day. It was so warm that day that layers were already out of the question, so I didn't do any sort of unique styling with it. I took a look back at how I've worn it in the past and noticed that I tend to just let the bright embroidery speak for itself.

Click on the links below though if you want to see how Hannah & Leah styled it, they definitely did do some fun layering of it and I can't wait to see what Jana and later Marisa do with it! Hannah also coincidentally wore it on Easter last year as well : ).

Take One // Two // Three // Four

Well everyone, I've got to leave ya'll (I'm practicing saying that) with a short post today because I just moved to Austin a week ago and things are completely chaotic around my neck of the woods! I finished grad school a few days after moving, had a job interview, and have hardly done any packing since we just got furniture/a dresser this weekend. Some exciting news over here though is that things are going well with my fair trade shop, Mitla Moda, and my husband and I are making a trip back to Mexico soon! And, I get to meet another new Flock Together member, Taylor soon - I can't wait!

Outfit Details:
Mexican dress: Vintage
Market bag, necklace, sandals: secondhand
Beaded Bracelet: Handmade in Mexico
Watch: Sprout Watches



  1. It is so exciting you and another member will be meeting up :)

    This is such a pretty dress, and you know, I think with that unique embroidery, simplicity is sometimes best.

  2. So many awesome things ahead for you lady! I love this dress to bits and cannot wait to give it a go. You styled it perfectly - summer simplicity at it's best!

  3. I love this dress! The bright colors on the white background are the perfect contrast and you've had so many styling options with it. So cool that you and Taylor are meeting up!

  4. OMG! I love this dress! Super cute the way you stayed it and the way Hannah styled it. Im gonna have to borrow this one! Weeeeee!


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