Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Maxi Dresses for Summer


Why hello there! It's Dus from Cuddly Cacti here again. Have you hopped on board with the whole maxi dress trend? I think it's quite a lovely one, that I've been enjoying for some time now. Only, never on myself before. I wasn't so sure how an ankle length dress would look on me, although I have worn ankle length skirts a few times before on my blog (which you can see here and here if you'd like). So, queue the beauty of Flock Together, and I asked the lovely Taylor of Nothing But a Pigeon if I could snag this floral maxi from her for a bit. And now I'm going to be on the lookout for an equally light and airy maxi for myself. I think it would be perfect for a day so I wouldn't have to worry about getting sunburned legs (namely on the back of the knees - does that happen to anyone else? I'm hoping that was just something that happened to me in the desert and not over here in Austin as well!). I also hear summer is quite lovely in many places, so I'm wishing you a beautiful summer full of lovely outdoor activities!


Outfit details:
Straw Hat & Necklace: Thrifted
Woven belt: Mitla Moda here
Floral Dress: Borrowed from Taylor
Watch: Sprout Watches
Beaded Bracelet & Bag: Handmade in Mexico
Sandals: Secondhand (Buffalo Exchange)


  1. Love your bohemian style Dus! I always feel weird in maxi dresses but I LOVE them on other people!

  2. The maxi length looks wonderful on both of you gals and I LOVE your Mexican beaded bracelet Dus!

  3. Love how you mixed it with bohemian accessories!! Always love your style :)


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