Friday, June 20, 2014

Remix: Jean Shorts

While all the other Flock Together ladies are in their gorgeous dresses, you get to se why my blog, Never Fully Dressed, has the tag line "Without a Style." No dress, merely plain ole jean shorts on this post!

Ahhh! Nooo! 

Really though, I love gorgeous dresses (especially some in my blogger friends' closet). But as summer ticks closer, the truth is, it's the jeans shorts I'll be wearing again and again-well, as you can see. They are one of the most basic of summer basics, but that only means you can put them to work remixing away.
short5 Collage.jpg

So readers, share with us. What are your tried-and-true, go-to items for summer wear?


  1. I love how you posted remixes with jean shorts! I'm so jean-shorts-awkward! I love both styles with the tights!! My go-to item in the summer is, shockingly, dresses! haha and rompers. My problem with shorts, and bottoms in general, is that I don't own many tops!! I definitely need a good pair of jean shorts in my closet though. :)

    1. "Jean-shorts-awkward!" You are the cutest Jana, and if you have all those lovely dresses, I can see why you'd not have as many separates- you are too busy wearing gorgeous dresses :D

  2. I'm jean shorts awkward too, haha! It may be because I'm short and curvy or maybe I'm just not buying the right kind. But seriously, you make them look so chic and easy to wear Kristian! Come to my house and help me style a jean shorts outfit...I am clueless!

  3. I am very curvy and have a hard time finding the right shorts so I prefer shorter jean skirts to shorter jean shorts. Lately though I have added I a pair or two of stretchy jean Bermuda length shorts in my closet for summer. They can be dressed up or down and give a nice retro feel with the right top. Plus some days you just don't really want to shave above your knees, right ladies?
    All your looks are great, I especially love the look with the strappy sandals.

  4. I'm glad you posted about jean shorts! I'm actually finding a new found love for "cut off's". It is really hard to pull off shorts if you're not a size small... they seem to cut in to you and pinch you in the most awful places but I'm learning to love them. Heck, sometimes it's just nice to rock a white tee and some shorts. I love how you paired them with tights. That may be something I need to look into in the future. Ha!


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