Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kit Kat

Modcloth 'Looking to Tomorrow' Red Peter Pan Collar Retro Vintage-Style Dress Outfit with Cat-Ear Beret Hat
Erica of Sweets and Hearts

Sammi really does have the best dresses. Lucky for me, she happens to own some that have been sitting on my wishlist for a very long time--including this one (edit: back in stock on ModCloth!). It totally reminds me of both Little Orphan Annie and Veruca Salt. Although my outfit was inspired by neither, I still wanted to play up the girlishness.

I wore it with a thin black belt, my black cat ear beret, sheer black tights, and my patent jazz-inspired oxfords.

Modcloth 'Looking to Tomorrow' Red Peter Pan Collar Retro Vintage-Style Dress Outfit with Cat-Ear Beret Hat IMG_2709 IMG_2671 IMG_2734
Outfit Details:
Red scalloped collar "Looking to Tomorrow" dress (Sammi's; from ModCloth)
Black cat ear beret (c/o Chicnova)
Black skinny belt (came with another dress)
Semi-sheer black tights (c/o Hanes)
Black patent bow 'York Jazz' oxfords (Me Too)

Black bow ring (Forever 21)


Doesn't Sammi look adorable with that 'Baby Biscuit' tote bag and t-strap flats? I also love how she paired the dress with a white bow belt to match the collar. Also, you can't see it in the above photo, but her tights have little red hearts on the backs of the ankles! View her post here.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

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  1. what a purrrfect look ;) i have a dress almost exactly like it, and i feel like little orphan annie evertime i wear it, but in a good way :)
    xo jac

    1. Lucky you! I want one of my own now too ^_^

  2. Everything about this is adorable, from the ears on the hat to the bows on your shoes. :)

  3. That Red scalloped collar "Looking to Tomorrow" dress is lovely and I love the way you styled and accessorised it. The black cat ear beret and black bow ring are adorable.

  4. Aww this dress is adorable! I think I remember agonizing whether to get it. I didn't. :( The collar is very unique looking, and I love the fun, playful look you gave it. :)

    1. Thanks, Kate! Ahhh I went through the same thing and now I really regret it. I hope it comes back!

  5. I definitely had my eye on this on Modcloth too- such a cute one. Love that hat!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Yeah I hope Modcloth restocks it because I really want it now haha.

  6. Super cute dress and red looks so good on you with your dark features. Love the cat ear hat and the black bowr ing with your nail color. Love your style girlie!


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