Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best of...

Hi! Jessica of Midwest Muse here. Flock Together has been an amazing addition to my closet. So much so that I often get too greedy and only share the outfits on my blog. When I was thinking about which item to post today, I figured, why not share some of my all-time favorite items. I know you've heard it a million times before, but sometimes I really hate having to return these dresses and skirts. These ladies have the best wardrobes and I am forever thankful for their generosity and helping me curb my shopping habits.

Oh, and these pictures remind me how often I change my hair!

Find the full posts:
Cat Dress
Green Dress
Black and White Skirt
Blue Ruffles
Black and White Dress
Pink Stripped Dress
Leopard Print Dress
Polka Dot Dress
Pink and White


  1. Love this idea! May be stealing it for myself next time I don't have any items to post with! :)

  2. All the hair changes are fun to see, I think.

  3. All those dresses and skirts are cute! The frills at the bottom of the blue dress in the first photo are lovely and who could resist the cat face print dress? The rose print top in the fifth photo is pretty. I love pink and pleats so naturally I love the skirt in the sixth photo. The green dress is adorable. The embroidery on the cardigan you styled with the polka-dot dress is pretty.

  4. Wow- it is fun to see how often your hair changes! What a good idea for a post!

  5. how fun! I'd never have noticed how often your hair changes but it's always awesome changes. Loved seeing all the diff outfits you've swapped all together & hope you had a great bday!

  6. That chunky gold chain belt is off the hook and that red striped dress with the red floral headband is cray cray cool!!!


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