Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Secondhand Serenade

Hey darlings!

It's Marisa here today serving you up another swap courtesy of Dus.  This time around I've taken on the challenge of styling this secondhand sweetheart of a dress that Dus snagged up at the thrift store.  And no, I'm not talking about the red sundress that I'm wearing - I'm talking about the floral embroidered beaut that I'm wearing underneath as a blouse.  Yep, that's right...that blouse is actually a light and breezy tent style dress.  It's darling indeed but unfortunately for a 5'2 busty gal like me, tent dresses do me no favor as I always end up looking about 9 months pregnant in them.  So with that I layered it underneath my basic red dress for an extra pop of brightness and color.  Definitely a look that had me feeling a little boho, super cheerful and ready to take on the day, which for me meant doing our bi-weekly grocery haul to Wegman's and picking out paint for our hallway.  Woohoo, exciting indeed...maybe not, but at very least I felt nothing but happy vibes donning this festive little frock.

I just love how this dress was styled through all the seasons with the other gals...and don't they all look divine?  That's about all for now...sunny days always have me longing to venture outdoors, so out and away I go.

Until next time...Love bunches,
Outfit Details:
Blouse (Dress): Swap via Dus // Dress: UO // Scarf, Bag, Shoes: Vintage, thrifted


  1. You look so happy and beautiful! I saw that you styled this little frock before as well! It looks amazing both ways.... you can really wear this awesome dress many ways and it always looks good!

  2. I thought those shoes were from Asos. They have some just like it which I've had my eye on for ages xx

  3. I love your cheery colors! Tent dresses don't work on me and I totally love your idea of layering it under something with more shape, because I LOVE the embroidery on this! I lived in upstate NY for a summer which was just enough time to fall in love with Wegmens- you brought some memories back of that fun summer :)

  4. Seriously loving this styling, it looks perfect as a blouse as well! How I wish this dress was in my closet again!

  5. This is so cute! I love how you all styled it!

  6. love love love this idea!! now I am majorly regretting giving away a similar looking green spaghetti strap dress because I never knew what to do with it.


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