Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Girl

Oh Hi there! Here I am just wearing another one of Marisa's dresses. You know Marisa... 
of The Shades of The Monet Chronicles. Well, I feel like I've borrowed Marisa's entire wardrobe already... I just love her style! I can't get enough of these baby doll dresses... it's become an obsession of mine. Ha! This is sort of a short post because I'm laking photos... we (The Husbear and I) took a bunch but I didn't like the way most of them turned out. That seems to be happening to me a lot lately.... I just feel "frumpy" or something. 

I think the humid and hot climate of Austin is starting to get to me. It's September and Autumn is upon us and there are Fall clothes being sold everywhere in all the stores yet it's still blazing hot and in the 100's. It's almost impossible to get dressed up and take pictures without melting... it's quite difficult. Austin doesn't even really get a Fall... we just go from scorching hot to cold over night. No beautiful change of colors in the trees... no falling leaves. I'll still take it over an Ohio winter any day though... those were the worst!

I decided to do the black bra and slip thingy under the sheer dress again. I think it ads a bit of "edginess" to the look. So of course I had to wear my black knee socks which are becoming more and more of a staple of mine. It's too much work and way to hot to wear tights so knee socks are the next best thing. I added some white bobble earrings and pale lipstick and "voila".... instant 60's vibe. 

I was wearing this hat at some point in the photo session... but those images ended up on the drawing room floor. Ha! I love this hat though... I bought it many moons ago from Forever 21. I do believe this was my first real hat purchase... now I have a whole slew of them. Addictions are hard to break... what can I say?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out how I styled Marisa's lovely little baby doll dress. Now you get to see how Marisa styled it! Gotta love those tights and head scarf... how adorbs! 
Baby doll dresses for ever! Weeeeee!



  1. This dress couldn't be any cuter on your Taylor! I swear these baby doll pieces were made for you. I love the addition of the black knee highs :-)

  2. You look cute as can be- I love the baby doll style of dress on you!


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