Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cats, Kittens, and Felines

Outfit Details:

Cat dress // borrowed from Elana
Striped cat graphic t-shirt // Topshop (no longer available)
Bow // DIY
Lipstick // MAC Russian Red

When I was putting on this outfit a couple of weekends ago, my husband looked at me with a cocked eyebrow and asked: "Does that shirt and that dress look okay together?" (What a brave, brave man.) What I really wanted to say was "DUNNO, HONEY PIE; I WAS ABOUT TO ASK YOU THE SAME THING ABOUT YOUR FACE AND YOUR TEETH", but I settled for a solid yes and a polite "shove off my style, son". It didn't really matter to me if it looked good to anyone else because I liked it, so ha-rumph.

All drama aside, I was really happy to be able to have borrowed this dress from Elana; you can really do so many different things with it. And I thought that pairing my cat tee with it was just...wait for it...THE CAT'S MEOW.


  1. Your red striped cat-face print Topshop t-shirt, Mac Russian Red lipstick, pretty red hair and red D.I.Y. hair-bow all look fabulous styled with that pretty cat-face print dress. It's an adorable outfit and look.


  2. I love this dress layered up and how you went with cat on cat! Your husband is wrong about this one! Of course I've been through that conversation before :)


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