Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kon Tiki

Lisa from Lala Faux Bois

I love a good Hawaiian or Tiki themed print, and no midcentury lovin' closet or decor is complete without some Polynesian influence. I may be alone here, but when I think Hawaii, one of the first things to come to mind is the classic Brady Bunch family vacation to Hawaii- cursed tiki idol ring a bell? 

Thanks to Hannah letting me borrow this amazing shirt, I was able to whisk myself away to an island party, if only for a day.

top: borrowed from Hannah // scarf & skirt: thrifted // shoes: my shop

Hannah and Jana definitely nail the true Hawaiian style and are both ready for the tiki party of all tiki parties- please invite me ladies, I'd love to share a Volcano Bowl with you! :)


  1. So so cute Lisa! Why can't we all have a retro tiki party together?! Ps got this back yesterday thank you!

  2. I love how cute but unexpected the combo of prints is, Lisa! Also- man, I never would have guessed how versatile a tiki print could be, but you all three styled it so differently, even when one takes into account two of you pairing it with shorts!

  3. That blouse has a beautiful floral print and pretty pastel yellow background. I lke the way you tied a bow near the waistline to create a crop-top look. It looks pretty styled with your black grey and white gingham skirt and the colours in your hair-band coordinate beautifully with the blouse.


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