Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An ode to a leather jacket

Hello! Long time, no talk. Jessica from Midwest Muse here! In the great state of Ohio, a good coat is not important so much as it's necessary. The weather year round is sporadic, fluctuating, and in any given day you can experience an entire array of seasons. Even in the dead of summer, you don't leave your house without a spare coat, some boots, and occasionally a pair of tights. It's my version of the Ohio survival guide. You don't want to see my trunk, I swear.

When the weather is chilly, but not overly windy and I have no plans on being outside for more than ten minutes at a time, I reach for my leather jacket. I have two and they were both great investments. I somehow managed to score this BB Dakota jacket at a local boutique many years ago for a steal. It's one of my go-to coats because to me, it completes every outfit with an edgy finish, keeps me warm, and holds up over time.

This is what an investment piece is all about, ladies!

one | two | three | four


  1. You look so cute!


  2. I love the bit of edge it adds to even the softest of outfits! It's funny how each part of the country has it's own weather survival tricks :)

  3. Leather jackets always seem so versatile (as evidenced by your outfits), but I've never invested in one because it is always so windy and the wind chill just adds so much misery to even a short duration outside in the cold... might have to re-think that after seeing how you used yours though ;)

  4. This is the jacket that I think of when I think of you! I love how it adds some edge to your outfits, its perfect!

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