Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jamie of Petite Panoply

Hi! I'm Jamie from Petite Panoply and I'm very excited to be the newest member of Flock Together! I'm a 4'11" 24-year-old semi-recent grad living outside of Atlanta, Georgia who finds getting dressed a creative and fun experience. Coming up with outfits and blogging has been one of my most entertaining and time consuming hobbies since 2011.

In my not blogging free time I binge watch series on Netflix, read news and science articles online, convince myself I need just one more shade of lipstick, play video games, and read books made of actual paper. When I'm out of the house I like to go to concerts, go thrifting, or stuff my face with new and delicious food. I'm an ex-musical theatre and marching band geek, though if there was adult marching band around here I'd be all over that. 

When people describe my style, the word "colorful" is usually used. I'm a big fan of using bold colors, patterns, and playing with texture. I also like to mix retro pieces with newer trends. I dress according to my mood so sometimes I'll be ultra girly in a 50s style dress and other days I'll channel my inner rock star with studs and leather. I'll probably never be one of those girls with a specific look because I love so many different styles. Fashion and makeup are things I can easily change to suit how I want to feel that day!

Some other style related factoids: 
I can't resist a good pair of cheap sunglasses or shoes. Big and bold 80s style delights me. I have an Ikea cart full of nail polish and my makeup collection is getting ridiculous. 60% of the time you'll see me wearing a hair bow. I also love tights and always look forward to the weather being cool enough to wear them.

On my own blog I try to highlight how different styles can work on a short frame. Since I'm a fully grown human on the shorter side of average, finding certain clothes that fit normally can be a challenge. Clothes aren't made for women who never hit 5 feet! Hemming things and taking up the straps are my best friends. Luckily I have fewer problems fitting into clothes now than I did as a young teenager!

I'm honored to have been welcomed into this group. Remixing the items in my own wardrobe has always been something I enjoy. I'm looking forward to figuring out new ways to style the items swapped here. (Plus I'm sure to get some inspiration for my own pieces after seeing them styled by the fantastic Flock Together women!) 

Feel free to drop by my blog if you get a chance and I'll talk to you again soon!


  1. So nice to meet you! I'm only five feet tall, so I understand the struggles! Way to represent!

  2. I've been following and loving your blog Petite Panoply for some time now, love your blog , and love all of the photos you selected for this post. The outfit pieces have some very pretty prints. Some of my favourites from above are the red dress with the white collar and especially those last two outfits. The 'Pow' Top with black skirt and that sparkly/shiny cap sleeve dress with blue tights both look fabulous.

  3. I'm excited to raid your closet Jamie! :) I love your colorful style!


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