Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Layers

Happy Monday! It's Elana from Room 334, wearing a striped shirt dress I borrowed from Jenna of Smitten. When I first tried on this dress, I was disappointed. It was unbelievably cute, what with those subtle stripes and cute buttons, but alas, it was much to small for my bust. I sadly let it sit on my desk for a couple of weeks, hoping that it would magically fit, only have it mock me the entire time. Then, when I realized that I needed to send it back, I decided that I couldn't give up. I knew what I had to do. It was simple, really.

I looked to Jenna to inspire me, and thus, my look consisting of summer layers was born. 

Jenna is the queen of the scarf + jacket + satchel combo, so it was only fitting that I put my own spin on her signature. It was a warm day, but luckily a lightweight cardigan and floral scarf weren't too unbearable. I just got this bag in a swap recently, and Jenna immediately came to mind. In the end, a dress that I thought I could never make work turned into one of my favorite summer looks so far.

Here's how Jenna layered the dress in the winter. Isn't that pink leather jacket just to-die-for?

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my lightweight layers with you! Make sure to stop by my blog for the outfit details, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @flocktogetherstyle!


  1. What a cute dress you got there and you layered it very nicely. Love your sweet smile. :)

  2. You look fantastic in this dress, and I love the way you've layered it! Such a great shape on you, and the scarf is lovely! I love Jenna's pink leather jacket too, obviously. :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Ahh I`m so sorry it didn`t fit, but you managed to style it so wonderfully!!! I love it with the scarf and cardigan, you look soo cute!

  4. You did such a good job styling it even though it wasn't the perfect fit, I would never be able to tell! The stripes plus floral scarf is adorable and Jenna really IS the queen of dress + satchel+ jacket combo!

  5. Adorable! Love your scarf. You two styled the dress so differently, across seasons! It's always so cool to see such completely different looks with the same piece.

    Nathy @ Earnestyle

  6. Ooo I love this Elana! SO cute! The lace on that cardi and the fun colorful scarf are perfect with this dress! You look so darling! And your bag totally reminds me of Jenna :) I want that pink jacket of hers everytime I see it!

  7. pretty look and dress ,the bag is really nice too! love the color :)

  8. The curse of the boobies strikes again! i think you improvised amazingly- this turned out to be so, so cute. Jenna definitely rocks the scarves, and whenever I see her in one I kick myself for never playing with them. And love the satchel, too!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. OOO! Elana, that dress is just so amazing and I love that cardigan as well! Love how you put the scarf on to make that work for you! Perfect!



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