Friday, November 16, 2012

Galavanting Galaxies

TGIF! It's Dus here, from Cuddly Cacti. I loved Jessica's galaxy skirt so so much that I decided to be a total cheater - I wore it twice! Even though this time it didn't make it out of the backyard, since I knew I'd be posting over here when it had gotten a little chillier now, I decided to do a second styling for cooler weather. I think I may prefer the simpler version I wore first (seen here), but I love the light shining through the galaxy print in a couple of these, and it was fun to opt for yellow tights, similar to Marisa (see below). I just love how we all remixed it differently to fit our own styles since Jessica made it impossible to top up her original, elegant and classy look. DSCN7479 DSCN7474 DSCN7489 DSCN7482 DSCN7478
Outfit details: top, hat, & booties-thrifted; scarf- handmade by a coworker; skirt- swapped with Jessica.
And here are Jessica's, Marissa's, and Ashley's awesome stylings of the skirt! (Each name links to their post so you can see more photos, they have some great detail shots!).
Untitled-2 Thanks so much Jessica for offering up such an awesome skirt! It's been such a fun piece to send around and I loved being able to wear something so different from my usual wardrobe; now I'm keeping a look out for prints I wouldn't usually consider. Do you ever swap clothing with friends or family? Trying new styles is definitely one of my favorite parts about it - what are yours?

Hope you all are enjoying Friday and have a fun weekend planned! Thanks so much for following along with us, it really is exciting to see our readership grow already and read sweet comments about our little group. Thank you all!


  1. that is such a fun skirt to style with!
    I absolutely adore how you add the yellow stockings tho!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. I LOVE both ways you styled it. I'm so impressed with everyone!

  3. I just love how everyone is styling this skirt! Dus - you did such a lovely job here. Pairing it with the hat, rustic shoes, and scarf gives it a totally different look that is so unique to you. <3

  4. Amazing post! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?!


  5. This skirt looks so good with yellow and cream! Also this is QUITE the post title hahaha! I am absolutely loving these items that are getting passed around to so many girls, it is SO cool getting so see all the different ways people are wearing it! You all look beautiful! :)
    xo Hannah

  6. such a pretty look! I love the skirt :)


  7. This is so fun now that we've been running long enough to see items be remixed multiple times like this is fantastic. I do really adore the first way you styled it, but I like this way too. The stockings are fun (and probably warmer for winter)!

  8. okay, so this skirt is growing on me and i need to try it sometime. i loooove that you paired it colored tights !!

    erica | sweets + hearts

  9. The way everyone styled this skirt and so different and always very chic. I would have never thought of buying something like this but thankfully this group allows us to step outside our comfort zones!



    Southern (California) Belle

  10. Great style!! I really like your blog! What about follow each other? Let me know! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest outfit :)

    -Mademoiselle S.

  11. Love the scarf and your hat! It's awesome to see how everyone is styling this! I have it right now and have NO idea what different to do with it!! Haha.

  12. oh my god. amazing style, too beautiful

  13. Oh wow such a beautiful skirt! I love the way you styled it!

  14. Its indeed a beautiful skirt. I've always loved that galaxy print. Looks great. Love all of your styling. The way you've combined with yellow is such a fun thing to do. I also like Ashley's way of wearing it with all black, so all the concentration is on the skirt! Love your styles, girls! :)
    I'd love to invite you over to my blog. Do stop over sometime and if you like, do follow too! :)


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