Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Plaid Teacup

Hello there darlings!

It's Marisa here on this loverly Thursday morning.  I'm back today with a swap from the very gorgeous Katie, of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons.  Can I tell you, this gal has me in never-ending swoon mode over her closet full of vintage pieces and when I saw this bright & bold plaid blazer of hers, I just knew I wanted to give it a try as it was definitely a different kind of piece for me.  I guess you could say I'm more of a cardigan kind of gal myself but nonetheless, the rainbow of colors in the large plaid print just kind of drew me in like nobody's business.  

Anyhow, Katie took a cool & casual approach to styling it and I quite love it, however being a shorty myself, this oversized blazer would be down to my knees if I were to wear it with flats & jeans so....

...over my teacup & menu print dress it went:

I'm pretty much so a self confessed color freak so naturally my first instinct was to throw it over a red dress and wear mustard tights with it, but that would have been just a little too predictable for me.    In contrast, I decided to pull from the darker blues of the blazer and wear it with navy instead.  Of course the vintage gold shoes and a big red bow were the nuts & cherry to the sundae here because let's face it, when it comes to wearing bows on my head and on my toes, I just can't help myself.

Talk soon!
Love bunches,

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Katie, Butterfly Loves Snapdragons
Dress: Thrifted Vintage
Bow: UO
Shoes: Vintage via Etsy


  1. Flock Together is really showing me how much height can change how an item looks (not in a good or bad way, but just that it gives things a different vibe.) I absolutely adore both ways this was styled and having it with a dress really makes it feel almost like a different item!

  2. Beautiful as always - love the gold bow flats! :) xo

  3. love how you mix the prints, your photography is stunning!

  4. I love all the color and prints in your outfit Marisa! And I totally agree with Kristian, it's crazy how the same thing looks so different on each of us because of our height :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  5. I so love what you girls are doing here!

  6. Absolutely love this. The blazer is amazing and you've styled it to perfection xx

  7. haha i looove how you wore both bows on your head and feet- that was most definitely the nuts and cherry :) and i've been waiting for one of your posts- your colors always inspire me! i love how you just layer them on fearlessly- it always ends up looking so amazing. i love how you threw this over a patterned dress- and the boxiness of the shoulders added the perfect touch

  8. i LOVE the blazer
    so cool!

    new outfit post - Galaxy cat

  9. You guys are so creative! I love it :)

  10. I love the nut and cherry on the sundae! You are the cutest! I love how this blazer was styled so differently by the both of you! The print mixing on this is terrific, but of course I am highly partial to anything plaid!
    xo Hannah

  11. I love love love this pattern mixing you've got going on! And of course the bow. Of course.


  12. so many pretty colors! awesome how you mixed
    the patterns. i just wish i could see a close-up
    of the print on that dress. it looks cute!

    erica | sweets + hearts

  13. I know what you mean Marisa, sometimes it’s trickier not to go for the bright colors in something! Really like how you paired the bright fun coat w/ the navys though so such a sweet, totally you look and really love Katie’s casual classic look too!

  14. What a neat colorful coat! It looks great matched with black and I think it'd have looked just as good with mustard tights ;).

  15. You both look very cool with the blazer. Great photos :)

  16. oh i love how you mixed that fabulous plaited blazer! your look is whimsical colorful and happy!


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