Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's Rachel from Floral Prints and Common Sense again! Today I'm wearing Kristian's sweet tulle skirt!
I wore my best kindergartner-esque outfit to compliment this cutie of a skirt; silly cardigan and socks included. Am I the only one who has problems spelling "kindergartner?"
Unfortunately, this will be my last post at Flock Together! I'm sad to be leaving, but things are getting really busy, and I just don't think I can keep up with it all! I'll miss all the girls and all our readers so much, but I know we'll stay in touch through my personal blog!
 shirt, cardigan: thrifted
necklace: f21
skirt: Kristian's
shoes: DIY
socks: Old Navy
bow: etsy
Here's how Kristian styled it!
And how Jenna styled it!
 photo country_zps200c26ae.jpg
And Ashley!
Isn't Kristian's backdrop beautiful? I love her red shoes.
I thought it was so cool that Jenna and I are both wearing chambray denim shirts, but our looks are so different!
And Ashley's tulle layering was basically genius.


  1. What a pretty skirt, superb:) i just wanna own same one:)
    Nice post, well done!
    Have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. We will be sorry to see you leaving the Flock Together group, Rachel!

    However, it was fun to see your last post was one that several girls had remixed. It is so cool to me to see how different people style the same item.

  3. I love the way you styled this skirt!! So adorable with that colourful cardigan and the socks. I totally missed that Ashley styled this too when I put together my post, durrr. Love how versatile this skirt has been

  4. Love how you styled this!

    x Audrey

  5. haha I love this! you are so cute!

  6. love the skirt! and the polka dot socks!

    love from San Francisco,

  7. You look so cute! That skirt is amazing - I love how you all styled it so differently!


  8. Love your school teacher look, so fun w/ the cardi and colored socks and as always awesome to see everyone's different stylings on the same piece! We'll miss your Rachel but know we'll keep in touch and wish you best of luck in this big year!


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