Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Red Dress

Well, hello and happy warm weather! It's Elana from Room 334, sharing my love of this stunning red dress I borrowed from Erica from Sweets and Hearts. I really only just received this dress, but when I found it sitting on my bed after returning home to California from Illinois, it was like it was fate. After spending the last four months in the Midwest wearing chunky sweaters and heavy coats, I was more than itching to throw on a bright, sleeveless dress. Add to that a full skirt and a faux collar, and it was more than I could ever ask for in a dress.

It's no wonder this piece has been passed around so much, it's beyond adorable and comfortable to boot. I seriously never wanted to take it off. The one downside to seeing so many people style it is that I was struggling to do something new and make it my own. I usually would pair such bright dress with neutral shoes, but I couldn't resist throwing on some equally bright wedges with it. I can't think of a better way to celebrate being on summer break and off a college campus!

I love how not only do each of the girls look beyond stylish in this dress, but they all made it completely their own with the details they added. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure to stop by my blog for the outfit details!


  1. I love the way all you gals styled this!! It looks amazing on everyone, and I love the bright blue shoes you paired it with Elena

  2. So cute!

  3. Wow! I love all the ways it has been styled. And keeping it simple is the perfect way for summer fun, Elana. You look great!

  4. How adorable! I think that this has been one of my favorite dress that you guys have been passing around! Elana, I love the shoes that you paired with it - so unexpected and fun!


  5. You look so darling Elana :) I love that your photos always have so much personality! And those blue shoes are the cutest contrast to this dress!

  6. This dress is the cutest! I love how your styled it with your pretty blue shoes, the primary colors look so good together!

  7. Really enjoyed looking through you blog! Will definitely be back! Especially when I need some inspiration!

    Authentic Alice

  8. What a precious dress that is! I really adore how you put those blue heels with it--they're so unexpected, and such a darling shade of cornflower blue. :)

  9. aww love how cute this dress looks on everyone and Elana you are no exception! love the blue w/ it, i still always cringe of that color combo in my head but you've proven me wrong!

  10. I swear you are the cutest ever Elana! Every time scroll through your pics on here and your blog, I can't help but smile b/c yours is always contagious! I LOVE this dress to pieces and especially adore your little blue shoes with it :-)

  11. Ooo, I love your take on the dress, Elana!
    The blue shoes look really cute with it. ^_^

    erica | sweets + hearts


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