Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lavender Dreams and Crisp Blazers

American Apparel Lavender Lace Dress borrowed from Hannah (similar)
Love Culture White Blazer (similar)
Urban Outfitter Grey Wedges (similar)
Mint Necklace c/o Lulu*s (similar)

For the most part, I stick to very casual outfits, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace to be just a little bit classy for once. To me, just throwing on a crisp blazer makes any outfit classy. That might just be because I don't wear blazers very often unless I'm attending a business formal event.

Walking around the city, I see so many people wearing full suits, blazers, nice blouses, and heels to the office. Just seeing them walking around in the summer heat makes me to follow them around with a giant fan and cool them off. I remember, graduating college, one of my main requirements for a job was not having to be in business formal every single day. I still don't know how all of my friends do it. That means having a whole other wardrobe just for work. Woof.

How do you guys dress up for work?

Check out how some of the other ladies styled up this beautiful dress! 

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  1. Holy-moley I LOVE this with the light blazer and pretty bubble necklace! You look super cute and classy. I luckily don't wear formal office attire either even though i work for an Environmental Consulting firm. If you wear jeans and a tee here no one would blink an eye!

  2. This is suuuuch a gorgeous combination, love all the lights together. Lavender and mint are a match made in pastel heaven!!!
    This dress has certainly made the rounds and I love the way each and every one of you have styled it :D

    1. Totally just realized Elana and Ashley both paired it with mint as well! Haha definitely a match made in heaven. :P

  3. What a wonderful dress, looks so chic and feminine! Great pictures as well! I've got to say that all of you styled it wonderfully!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  4. TOOO CUTE! so chic :))) xx

    Natalie Off Duty

  5. Very cute Jenn. I love the way you styled it with the white blazer and necklace. I can only wear jeans on Friday's at work but overall the office is quite casual so in the summer its cute dresses and flats for the most part, adding a blazer is great idea for the office.

    Robyn xo

  6. Funny you say that Jen because I think you always look super classy! Most things you wear on your blog on a regular basis are all inspirations of things I can wear to work, although it does seem that most jobs in AZ are more casual than other places, surely because of the heat. and we dress even more casual at my office in summer. usually though any of my dresses I can throw a blazer and flats on and I'm good for work any season. Love how your classy take on Hannah's pretty dress!
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    1. You're the sweetest, Dus. I could imagine wanting to wear as little as possible to the office during AZ summers! Stay cool! :)

  7. what a pretty dress! i love the way your have styled it too.
    i am so glad i found your blog and i hope you keep in touch

    Love Rachael
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  8. Hey Jen! I haven't seen many of your outfits on Flock Together yet (probably because I'm waaay behind), but this is lovely! The white blazer compliments that dress so nicely, and I love that it's almost rotated through the entire group but looks so different every time! Great pictures too, what city is this in (could it be SF??). Lately I'm working at a restaurant so I'm able to dress very casually, though I always try to add a girl spin (basically, graphic tee + skirt) to keep me inspired! I've had a couple Business-y jobs where I've been forced to dress up, and while it's really fun at first, it can get challenging!

    perfectly priya

    1. It would definitely be a challenge coming up with interesting ways to spice up a business look! And this is New York City! :)

  9. Aww the color of that dress is gorgeous! Especially when it's paired with that chunky necklace!

    I couldn't agree more...I would hate to have to wear ugly, hot business suits every single day. I'm lucky to have a bit more of a casual office...and thankful for Casual Friday when we can wear jeans (woo!). I love adding a blazer to any definitely completes it!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  10. djfshkdfjsdf JEEENNN! This is like my dream outfit. I adore the lavender and the mint and that amazing, classy blazer and you just look so elegant and flawless with your hair all done up... yet it's still so very Jen! No seriously, I love this outfit. Love love love.

  11. so cute!! love the way all you ladies styled this dress. i especially love the first look and the way you paired it with the chunky heels! it definitely gives an otherwise girly and put together look a bit of edge :)


  12. That mint necklace looks so good with that pretty dress. Loving all the chic looks, ladies!

  13. Looking so pretty and grown up Jen!

    I know that as a teacher, my work guidelines are different than more "business" attire, but I still try to look professional, like someone people would want to trust their kids with...but a lot of my "regular" wardrobe has melded with my regular wardrobe and most are interchangeable used.

  14. Looking awesome, Jen! That dress is one of my favorite pieces that you gals are passing around - so versatile and gorgeous!


  15. This dress is just the best! I can't wait to post it :) I love how everyone wore it! Jen it looks incredible with that pretty mint green necklace! As for work, I wear a lot of the same stuff I wear regularly just dressed up a bit. It works well for me since I own a ton of dresses, skirts and blazers.


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