Friday, July 5, 2013

Confetti Dreams

 photo flocking2_zpsb14507c2.jpg
Hey There Darlings! It's Jenna from Smitten blogging here today. I gotta say I was smitten when i received this dress (punny, I know) I was having one of those days where I hated everything in my closet then I got this little number in the mail and was so excited to wear it. I love the cut outs on the side, but it's the print that really got me happy. It's like confetti with every colour of the rainbow in there!! 
I styled it twice, once with my studded denim vest that is the perfect thing to toughen any look up with. It's great because it was hot out, it's so easy to layer with a great summer dress like this one! Mr.Duke really wanted to take part in the photos so he could say Hello to all the flock together followers!! I also styled this dress with my favourite crop top, super lacy, girly and with a floral head crown. You can see that post here
 photo flocking3_zps30f902b4.jpg photo flocking4_zps7d28d12d.jpg
 photo flocking_zps69930ef0.jpg photo flocking1_zpsdc56d2c7.jpg
Leah's post is here
 photo 95c59d68-b0ae-4cfb-92f6-a91ca7605439_zpsf2b1e2f7.jpg photo 8f10ead4-beac-4ca9-9568-ff39e3b6b428_zps2695d6f8.jpg
 photo 3e368e9a-07d3-49ba-884e-7dfdc02fec2a_zps9c9c27d3.jpg photo 6704b5b1-f1a7-450e-94a0-4f58c9f79da3_zps81393913.jpg
You can see Erica's full post here and Ashley's post here


  1. Obsessed with all of the ways you girls styled up this dress! The denim vest could not be more perfect for it (I still need to invest in one or just rip the sleeves off one I already own).

    Still obsessed with the girly-er way you style it up as well!

  2. You're so gorgeous Jenna :) And this dress is so you at first I was like isn't that dress hers?? Haha. You all look great in it! I love the denim vest, I need to get one like it!


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