Friday, August 30, 2013

Purple and Bold

Elana of Room 334

Fun fact: My school's colors are purple are gold. Fun fact #2: I have zero school spirit. So even though purple is my favorite color, I rarely wear it due to the abundance of it that I see on campus every day. I don't really need any help sticking out on campus considering the lack of T-shirts, sweat pants, and North Face in my closet, but I still don't like the idea of blending in with the sea of purple. 

However, Dus' purple skirt was too beautiful, too classic, and far too versatile for me to pass up. I've borrowed so many dresses from the Flock Together girls that I liked the idea of borrowing another skirt.  Plus, this one is such a classic shape that it felt like a blank canvas just waiting for some of us to put our own spin on. My spin? Some bold stripes, of course. This top is actually a dress and has been styled by Jessica as well. Talk about versatility in an outfit. 

Check out how Dus styled her skirt and how Jessica styled my dress. They both look too cute in their hats.

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  1. Love this look Elana, and despite the purple does not scream "I have school spirit!"

  2. Ohhh this purple is such a gorgeous shade!!! It looks so perfect with the striped dress as a top. I stick out like a sore thumb on campus too, I'm really nervous because I'm starting a program to be a fitness trainer and I want to remain true to my style without feeling like a complete weirdo there. Ah, first world problems.
    Love how Dus styled the skirt and Jessica looks gorgeous in that dress!

  3. WOAH double remix status! I love the bold color of the skirt with the stripes on top and Jessica and Dus DO look quite adorable in their hats!

  4. I love how you styled this skirt! It's a great shade. Your shoes are super cute and they look comfy too! I go to the same school you do (I know because I've seen your picture in the Courier) and I normally stick out on campus as well. I don't own a single school tshirt or anything. Unfortunately, I have so many dance classes I end up blending in with the masses because I am not allowed to wear dresses, skirts, or even jeans. Everytime I see your posts I get very jealous that I can't dress like that everyday.

  5. I love how rich this purple color is- so vibrant and beautiful! And don't worry, I have zerooooo school spirit too!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. Great purple skirt! It's such a great vibrant colour

  7. super fun to see you in my skirt Elana! i swear i commented on this but maybe it was in my head only.. anyway, i love how you made a totally diff look w/ the stripped dress as a top. and purple is a fun school color! total bummer that it kinda ruins wearing it on a daily basis for you.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  8. dannnnnnnngggg. Elana, you look amazing! That skirt is the perfect color!


  9. This is gorgeous elana!! I LOVE these two together. And your bracelet is seriously the cutest thing!
    Love how Dus paired it with a matching top from her cute shop and Jessica looks so glamorous in the dress :)


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