Monday, September 2, 2013

Emerald Forest

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I'm certainly not the only Flock Together gal swooning over this emerald dress of Elana's; it may in fact be our most-swapped item to date, although I've never counted. While the dress is beautiful as-is and I could easily have dressed it up for the office, as soon as I asked to borrow it I knew I wanted to grunge it up a tad with combat boots (which was Hannah's idea as well, great minds think alike ; ).

It all went downhill from the boots into a total bohemian look. While I normally would've opted for this fall-hued woven belt (seen in this post), I've been trying to embrace neutrals more and opted for this one instead. Next of course came a big floppy hat, and a vintage necklace my granny recently mailed me fit the color palette perfectly. Honestly, the idea of a color palette is not something I thought of when getting dressed until quite recently. I don't know what it was, but I've become more aware of it lately and am gravitating toward a more limited color palette with outfits than I used to go for.

And now for a little blogger disclosure: I sure did not wear this around camping; we went for a long hike by the lake (seen here) so a swimsuit was a must. But, I knew the pine trees would make for the perfect backdrop for Elana's beautiful dress.

Outfit details: Dress: swap from ElanaNecklace: Vintage, from Granny; Justin Boots: Vintage, Ebay; Felt Hat: Thrifted; Bracelet: Handmade in Oaxaca; Woven belt: Handmade, my shop here.

And here's how some beautiful gals have worn it:

Leah // Jessi

Ashley // Marisa

Thanks Elana for loaning so many of us your beautiful little dress. And to everyone, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful labor day with some nice R&R! I'd love if you popped on over to my little blog and told me about your labor day.



  1. 1) I love how you styled this! It might be my favorite way this has been styled and that's saying something because everyone has done amazing jobs styling it.

    2) Wow- it might just be the most swapped item indeed! Wow!

  2. great job ladies!

  3. SO cute, love the styling of everyone! And this location is amazing! Oh and I love the new design! Alex

  4. I absolutely love how you styled it! Your boots really do look like the ones that were recently in my shop and I love the necklace your granny sent, so sweet! I think this is my favorite "how they styled it" section to date, so many adorable looks!
    xo Hannah

  5. Those boots! I really love the rustic way you chose to style this Dus :-) All your accessories and the necklace from your granny are each so pretty!

  6. You look so adorable Dus! Everyone styled this dress so well!


  7. This dress is gorgeous! I love all the different ways you can style it! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  8. So many lovely ladies in this dress! I love how you wore it with those boots, Dus!


  9. What a fabulous idea for a blog, so glad I came across this collective.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  10. I love how you dressed it down for a day in the forest Dus! It looks so good and so different from all the other looks. Love the boots with it and that awesome hat! It's cool to see how many of us have styled this one! Wow!


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