Thursday, December 5, 2013

Incurable Wanderlust

Hey everyone! It's Lisa here styling up this awesome license plate top.

When I first saw Jessica wear this shirt on her blog, I was in love. I have an incurable case of wanderlust and the print on this shirt taps into that.

I've had the urge to travel as much as possible for as long as I can remember, and I remember as a kid being so curious when I'd see license plates from out of state. I always wanted to know their story and every state always seemed like an exotic new place.

I have driven across the country a few times, a couple of those times were in college on the tiniest shoestring budget ever. I have fond memories of sneaking in and out of campgrounds while the workers were asleep so we could save our money for gas and french fries. I'm not condoning this behavior... ;)

top: borrowed from Jessica // shorts: thrifted + DIY scallops  //  suspenders: DIY         shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

It's always fun to see the unique ways everyone styles up the swaps so make sure you take a peek at Amy & Jessica's looks!


  1. Could you BE any cuter? I'm not sure. Those suspenders are fantastic!

  2. SO adorable! I love the suspenders + shorts combo and the DIY scallops are an excellent idea!
    xo Hannah

  3. Super cute Lisa! I have yet to post my photo of this top, but I so wish I would have seen your pics and Amy's first b/c I am in awe of how you both styled this quirky & fun little piece :-)

  4. oh my goodness this is amazing Lisa! the suspenders add such a perfect tough and love how you went all black w/ it.

  5. this is such a cute blog!!! love how you each styled that top


  6. Those shorts are amazing! I scalloped a pair of mine a couple of years ago, but then they wore out...I need to do another pair because I think it's just adorable. The suspenders are amazing too, you're too cute.

  7. I really love the black shorts. They're super cute && I can't believe you scalloped them yourself, you did a great job. ;)

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  8. cute outfit! i love the tights and scalloped edges.

  9. Eek, love this! The shorts turned out great :)

    <3 Megan

  10. Loving the way you styled this, Lisa!

    Love, Amy

  11. Oh man, Lisa, I LOVE the way you styled this top!!! You look amazingly adorable!

    xox Sammi

  12. This is such a fun top, and the styling is cool too :)

  13. This top is so fun! I love it with those darling scalloped shorts and suspenders too! SO cute.


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