Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Little Red Dress

There's something so amazing about a little red dress, that really sets it apart from any other piece in a wardrobe. Not only is it an incredibly sexy colour but it happens to be a fantastic campaign started by the Heart and Stroke foundation to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease in women! A very worthy cause and perfect to coincide with Valentines Day tomorrow where we're thinking about matters of the heart ;)
I decided to do a little remix of all my favourite LRD's. While they are stunning on their own and can really make a statement it's such an easy shade to mix up for more casual occasions. A red dress can be sexy, simple and very badass when accessorized the right way, and it is my personal belief that every girl needs a LRD in their closet :)
 photo be0ad0a7-1971-4ea8-ba09-4cdd165e304a_zps04f3481d.jpg  
 photo 9530dfb4-d4c9-45c7-a3ee-f3795ee03c8a_zps198cd663.jpg


  1. Red isn't a colour I wear too often. I usually opt for a red lip or accessory of some sort but a red dress wouldn't suit me. You look great in it though. I think your hair makes you suit it even more.

    Love these looks on you and the spotty tights are super cute.

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  2. I agree- red dresses for the win!

  3. You look so good in red! I love all of these remixes!

  4. I love all of these! But the fur + the red looks AMAZING. You look lovely.


  5. Love it!! That dress with your hair is amazing!
    XOXO, Aarika

  6. The perfect red dress for sure! All lovely remixes. I especially love it with the shrug and your gorgeous red highlights!

  7. SO many wonderful LRDs! I love the heart balloons and I'm sad I dropped the ball with them this year!

  8. That dress is just so gorgeous! I love the way that you styled it!


  9. i love red dresses too! the lace one looks amazing on you ^_^

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