Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Modern Beatnik

 Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles

Why hello there!

It's Marisa here excited to be back to remixing with the Flock Together ladies once again.  Today I'm bringing you a swap from Katie that has me feeling just a tad bit beatnik.  It must be the stripes and the beret, but whatever it is all I know that I was just loving up this wee vintage striped t-shirt that Katie sent my way.  Being more of a dress-wearing kind of gal myself, it made me realize that I, want more casual separates like this in my wardrobe because they are just so easy and comfortable to wear.  

This piece has certainly made it's way around the group.  Each of the gals' have really put their own unique spin on it and I honestly love them all.  It's funny because I nearly ended up styling it the exact same way as Katie did until I noticed her photo - vintage turquoisey-green skirt, navy hat, brown purse, white open toed shoes...haha, great minds think alike perhaps.

So with that I wish you one happy spring!  It's beginning to warm up a tad here on my mountainside, but I am really looking forward to all the springtime blooms! 

Until next time!
Love Bunches, 
Outfit Details:
Top: Swap via Katie // Hat: eBay // Collar: Luminia via Etsy // 
Purse: Vintage // Tights: Target // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. It really has made its way around the group (also, you can't hear it, but I am snapping my fingers for your dress!)

  2. I love this beatnik vibe! I've been trying to fill up my closet with more separates too, but it makes the options a little more overwhelming than reaching for a dress :)

  3. I love your beatnik version, that beret looks SO cute on you! I oftentimes almost style it in the same way as another gal too unless I look back at the pictures first haha! I am also trying to invest in some cute basics (separates) too! :)

  4. Love it all, especially the shoes! Gawk!


  5. That is too funny that you originally styled it similar to me! It just pairs so well with that light green color for some reason. I love the collar you added on top too. Beautiful!!

  6. Marisa, you're a genius! You've totally embellished the shirt with that collar! Love it.

  7. This top is definitely one of my favorites that you gals have been passing around!



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