Friday, May 30, 2014

Under the Umbrella Tree

Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles


Marisa here today serving you up another perfectly printed swap via our gal from Room 334, Elana.  Today I'm smothered with umbrellas which was quite fitting giving that the prettiest sun shower poured through my neighborhood seconds before these photos were snapped...note all the fogginess from the glorious humidity in the air (I kid).  One thing I am not kidding about though is how adorable this dress was...come on, umbrellas everybody.  Anyhow, enough rambling on.  I've been playing around with primary colors as of late, so I just knew that this ensemble was dying for a pair of yellow sandals...oh and a lighthouse printed handbag, because umbrellas and lighthouses go hand in hand, right?  

Elana // Jessica // Marisa - 1st Remix

If I had this dress during the cooler months, I would surely style it up similar to how Elana and Jessica have...who knew an umbrella print dress could be so versatile?  

Oh and if your curious about the Glockenspiel in my hand, my good gal pal and I decided we needed a little wide open space to write some music in.  Under the umbrella trees are simply the best place for inspiration.  End of story.

Until next time...Love Bunches, 
Outfit Details: 
Dress: swap via Elana // Scarf, Bag, Shoes: Vintage, thrifted // Belt: Vintage, belonged to grandfather


  1. Love how you paired this with the yellow shoes! I'm so bad at adding a splash of colour that isn't in the pattern itself. Every time I see someone else do it, I think "I need to be more adventurous". It looks so great!

  2. Love this outfit! I have to agree that the dress is adorable !

    Have a great friday,

  3. so cute :) love it :)

  4. I like how you paired it with that purse too.

  5. Gah such a cute remix, Marisa!!! Love love love.

    xox Sammi

  6. I love how your style is so quirky and unexpected. I also love seeing all the different ways that dress is styled in this particular post, because each outfit is so, so different. Goes to show that tights and a cardigan don't have to be standard with dresses.

  7. You're such a master at adding pops of bright color with accessories! So cute!

  8. Writing songs in the woods sounds like the most magical thing ever! I've been on a primary colors kick lately too, I'm loving this combo!


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