Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A ticket outta town


Hello! Jessica from Midwest Muse here. I'm not much of a shirt kind of gal. Give me a pretty dress or give me nothing! Okay, that's really dramatic, but I just have such a hard time finding shirts that I like. I have a very short almost non-existent upper body. Thus meaning I am generally awkwardly proportioned in anything that isn't a fit and flare dress. Which is a really long winded way to say that when I found this incredible vintage top, I almost passed it up. I mean, how was I going to wear it?! I decided to try something a little more colorful in this look and matched my skirt to the mint on one of the plates. I'm pretty into it.

The entire time we were taking these photos this drunk man kept running out of this establishment and jumping behind me. At first it was comical and then quickly it was annoying. So, I apologize for looking less than stoked.

IMG_6416 IMG_6412 IMG_6426


Marisa // Amy // Lisa // My original post

Outfit Details:
Top: Thrifted, vintage
Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: UO
Headband: Gift
Belt: c/o Versona
Sunglasses: ModCloth


  1. I'm so glad you didn't pass up this skirt! It looks amazing on you and I love the color combo. What a great outfit post!

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  3. I LOVE this top & esp you in it Jessica! That skirt is a perfect color on you, i'm glad you didnt pass it up. i'd never have thought you had an unusually short torso, but i have really high hips too, making a shorter seeming torso if i wear high waisted things, so i kinda know what you mean. love seeing how many diff ways a seemingly not so easy to remix top has been remixed too!

  4. I love that top! It is literally the cutest thing ever. Did you have it on sale in your closet shop or maybe I'm going crazy. I feel like I was going to buy something similar from someone's shop my closet sale but It wouldn't fit my bust. Either way long winded ramble but adorable outfit! P.S. taking pictures in public can be awkward and annoying

  5. Love the sunglasses! You look so cute and I think the top really works for you

  6. Argh how is that top thrifted?? It's too cute. I also like the mint skirt. I would never think those pieces would work together, but it looks great!

    Also: You should've let the drunk guy have his 15 seconds of blog fame. ;) But I guess that would be encouraging him to do it again. Make him style a skirt for the blog? I don't know. I just feel like some kind of creative solution should be in order.


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