Thursday, June 26, 2014

Feeling kinda Mod...

Well hello there kittens! The work week is almost over and I am so glad. I can't wait to spend some quality time with the Husbear. I've been a busy little bee over here in my little corner of the world but I have to admit it feels good. I've been crocheting my little heart out to fill orders and keep my stores all stocked. I'm also making sure to write my patterns down as I go along in order to get my patterns published! Eeeeep! More on that later.... let's first take a moment to appreciate this fine little frock borrowed from the adorable Jana of small town, BIG SMILE.

I didn't "mix it up" too much from how Jana styled it... I just loved the cut and color so much I didn't want to take away from it ya know? I did however throw on some nude little knee highs to compliment the crochet collar. I think it worked out nicely... don't you?

Our "Pride of Barbados" is back from the dead. Yay! I'm super happy about it because it brings so much vibrant color to our front porch.... not that our house is lacking any color. Ha!

I love our little turquoise house with the bright orange door. The Mister let me choose the colors when we purchased the home and I have to say we were both quite shocked when we first pulled up the drive and saw it after it was all "said and done." I love it now of course... it's totally "us."

Of course my outfit wouldn't be complete without my HUGE sunnies. 
The bigger the better I always say...

I added this little owl purse that The Mister bought me back in the day from the cutest little boutique in Pfluggerville called Oh La La. I use it on occasion... it just clips right on to a bag or your key chain and is perfect for a compact and lip gloss. 

I'm super stoked for this Saturday! The Husbear and I are having a little cookout with some dear friends Amanda and Bri and their adorable little baby girl Hannah (also known as Banana). I became friends with Bri and Amanda through our little craft group that we are all apart of called Austin Craft Riot (ACR). It's a fun little group of local crafters and vendors here in the great city of Austin. Bri makes and sells body products (The Good Hippie) and we were always seeing eachother at shows etc... so it was just natural that we developed a friendship. We all became even closer when our adventures took us to Houston for (Pop Shop Houston) where I had the pleasure of meeting her whole family! It was a great weekend.

It will be there first time seeing our home and us hosting a get together with them so I'm really excited and nervous. I just hope our fur babies (Lucy & Sophie) behave. Lol.

On Sunday we plan on relaxing and floating along the San Gabriel River at one of our favorite watering holes The Blue Hole in Georgtown. I so look forward to that... hopefully the weather will hold out for this occasion.

That about does it for this week! Here's to ending this week on a positive note. Hope everyone has awesome plans for their upcoming weekend. Check out how Jana and Elana styled this beautiful little frock....

Then again here.

Elana of Room 334.


  1. Such a pretty little yellow dress! I love how bold that yellow is--it's not super light but sort of dense and cheese-like. I meant that in the best of ways, haha. You're looking super adorable! :D

  2. love the way you wore this dress! so retro chic!

    I'm hosting a shoe GIVEAWAY on my blog, go check it out lovely lady!

    City Laundry
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  3. sounds like a great weekend :) i just Love this dress and how simply you styled it. you wouldn't want to distract too much for how pretty it is!
    xo jac

  4. I <3 this look so much. You look like you could have walked out of a 60's fashion magazine. Those sunnies are a total win.

  5. Thanks for all the comments sweet ladies!

  6. You look very mod indeed- and that house colors look smashing together!

  7. You look so cute! I love the colors you chose for your house- it looks so fun!


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