Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Polka

Hi Everybody!  I'm not sure what it is about polka dots, but for some reason, whenever I don a dress that's covered in them, I feel like twirling, and swirling and dancing and jumping.  Yep, no lie.  I'm just a little crazy like that, I guess.  So that's exactly why Taylor's little polka dot pleated number was perfect to wear on this chilly silly kind of day.  Nothing like a little calisthenics to keep you warm, right?

Anyhow, I actually wore this outfit to a Children's Fine Arts Festival to root on a drama team of elementary-age students that I coach.  Mixing this pretty little navy dress with tons of bright color, whimsy purple flowered shoes and vintage accessories seemed quite fitting for an event like this.  For some reason I had this notion that wearing flowers on my toes would keep the kiddos distracted from their nerves.  And you know what, I think it worked!

Elana and Taylor did a stellar job at styling this polka dot frock up, wouldn't you say?   I just love their accessories to bits!

That's all for now...this gal is ready to enjoy the summer sun.  Gotta run!
Love Bunches, 
Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped via Taylor // Hat, Bag, Brooch: Vintage, Antique Mall // Tights: Target // Shoes: Miss L Fire, Modcloth


  1. Cute! Maybe you want to dance when in polka dots because it subconsciously reminds you of polka dancing?

    Glad you and your kids seemed to enjoy the competition.

  2. So darling, that jumping picture is definitely my favorite! The colorful / whimsical accessories totally make the outfit :)

    xo Hannah


  3. You wear those dots so well! Love these shots.

  4. I seriously love they way you styled this dress girl! Those tights... I never would have thought to wear teal with a navy color! Super cute and creative!

  5. The navy dress and teal tights are such a great pairing. Looking whimsy and wonderful, as always.

  6. I love the colour combo you have going on! Magenta, mint, navy blue - fantastic. The bag is amazing as well - simply stunning!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  7. This look is incredible. Like, I just want to steal it and jump and do darling poses like you! <3 <3 <3



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