Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Traveling Fox

Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles
Hello there :)

It's been a wee bit, but I'm back with today serving up part remix part swap and as always, plenty of color.  This little fox number of mine surely has traveled up and down the coast and across the country making it's way to many of the gals here at Flock Together.  Though I'll be forever drawn to quirky-cute critter-ridden pieces like this, it's often that I think that they are not super versatile - this one especially with it's smack-you-in-the-face bright 80s inspired teal/magenta color scheme.  

Looks like I've been proven wrong though.  It's always kind of blows my mind when I see how the gals remix one piece so many different ways from one person to the next.  Talk about new options.  

As for me, this time around (which was back in the fall, btw), I paired it with Taylor's black accordion skirt.  Being that I was cooped in a car traveling to Philly for the weekend, I was in the mood for something fairly simple and uber comfortable.  After all, long car rides always call for loose fitting pieces and minimal layers in my book.  

Check how all these Flock Together gals past and present (including myself) remixed this piece:

Love Bunches,
Outfit Details:
Sweater: Target // Skirt: swap from Taylor // Bag & Hat: Vintage, thrift // Shoes: Poetic License


  1. Awesome!)))

  2. Wow everyone styled this sweater in such a cute way! It's amazing seeing it styled so many different ways on so many different girls. I love the bright and fun colors this sweater adds to a look!

    Jamie |

  3. This fox has gotten around. I do like it with this accordion skirt too :)

  4. Wow, that fox has been places. Lol... it's so cute the way everyone styled it. As always you are very cute and colorul!


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