Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hot Wheels

Why, hello there. It's Elana from Room 334 here today, and I'm sharing my deep, deep love of Marisa's bicycle dress with you. You know those pieces that you lust after to the point of obsession, but just never end up buying? That's this dress for me. How could it not be? I fell in love with it the moment all of my favorite stores started stocking it and I noticed that there were puppies sitting in the baskets of some of the bicycles in the print. It's basically perfect. Unfortunately, the stars have never aligned (and by that, I mean that I've never been able to justify the purchase), and I've never been able to make the dress mine. Instead, I got to borrow it from the lovely Marisa and see how even more perfect it is for a limited amount of time. Seriously, you guys, it's perfect. The print, the silhouette, the...everything. 

I wore it a couple weeks ago when my brother was in town visiting to see my other brother's new baby and then to get gelato and drinks with a couple of our friends. It was a pretty relaxed day, so I went pretty casual with a denim jacket (that it was probably too warm to be wearing) and some oxfords. I'm a little sad because I took these photos on a different day from when I originally wore this, and I couldn't find the necklace that I had I worn with it. It was a plane necklace, and I thought I was being pretty funny (as usual) by wearing a plane necklace with a bicycle dress. Get it? 

Obviously, both Marisa and Sammi look ridiculously adorable in the dress. But no one is surprised by that. 

Well, that's all I have for you today. Hope to see you over on my blog for the outfit details and talk about how much I love junk food and TV. It's really all you've ever wanted out of a fashion blog.


  1. this dress is absolutely incredible.

  2. Y'all look super amazing!

    Love, Amy

  3. Such a fun dress! This is so cute!


  4. I love it with the denim jacket! This dress was so fun to borrow- I was definitely lusting after this dress too, at least we got to pretend like we owned it for a few days :)

  5. This is the coolest concept I've seen! How fun!


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