Friday, December 21, 2012

Problem Solving

Hello there! It's Elana from Room 334, showing off Jessica's darling ombre dress. I had had my eye on this one forever, so when I got my hands on it this week, I couldn't resist photographing it for Flock Together right away! Side note: I apologize for how dark my photos are, my computer has been acting up so I just have to deal.

I knew right away that I wanted to wear this with motorcycle boots and a blazer - the colors and style of the dress seemed to work perfectly with both tough and classic items. I did, however, run into the same problem as Ashley and Katherine in that my chest did not allow me to wear this dress, uh, modestly. Jessica, on the other hand, is able to pull off everything, isn't she? I found it difficult to cover up the gorgeous detail on the bust, but I figured a fun scarf was a nice alternative to flashing people and a good way to solve the problem.

As it is with all of the items swapped here, it's so much fun to see how we can all style the same item so differently. I can't get enough of Ashley's knotted sweater, Jessica's perfect accessorizing, or Katherine's spot-on colors.

I hope all of our lovely readers are having fun gearing up for the holidays! I know I am, back home in sunny California. Make sure to keep up with us on our Facebook and Twitter!


  1. I didn't know there were so many ways to style an ombre dress!

  2. Love it)) Sunny Californiaaaa)))) In my city it is -20(((

  3. Me encanta el look, estas guapisimaaa!!!!!

  4. Love the outfit!
    you look so pretty xxx

  5. This looks wonderful on you! I honestly had no idea the chest was even an issue on this dress. I'm glad y'all worked it out so nicely.

  6. You gals are all so pretty! Elana, I love the mustard scarf over it and love how this dress actually not only seems to change styles on each girl, it actually seems to change colors too! As for the "problem" being solved, my mom always oh so very kindly lets me know that I can always wear super low cut things since there is not, ahem, much there on top. Thanks mom!

  7. Elana you look darling! I love that blazer and the mustard scarf was the perfect solution:) I love the boots with it too! You all look so cute and I love that you all made it look completely different! Lol @ Hannah! I have the same exact "problem" I can wear anything low cut and not look scandalous, sadly.

  8. Wow that dress is awesome!! I just found you blog and love it!!! such a great idea!

  9. And there I am, with my chest out! HAHA! I actually saw this on ModCloth's Style gallery first and was SO excited you were wearing it

    <3 katherine

  10. I love how truly different each remix is. I especially love the scarf.

  11. You are a miracle!
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  12. Such nice pics

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  13. Ahaha, well hey, way to work with the dress and still show off that gorgeous ombre color. :)

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  14. Oooo I love the mustard scarf with this! That color works so well with the ombre of the dress. Beautiful combo, lovely!

  15. i like the dress!! its a cool look!!

  16. LOVELY dress!!!! Such cool colors :)

  17. hahah that was the perfect way to solve your problem! and i actually really like the added scarf- it gives a pop of color and looks super cute with the blazer. It's so awesome to see all the different ways it has been styled so far- they all have such different feels to them! PS I'm coming over and stealing your boots. That sounded weird, but it's happening.

  18. I agree with Marlen and pretty much everyone else, the addition of the mustard scarf was perfect! I really love this dress on you, I think you accessorized it so well.



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. Hahaha Katherine! It's okay to let the girls out once in awhile :)

  19. Love this dress!! You look great!!

    p.s. I love your blog!! Do you want to follow each other?? I start now following you with google friend connect! Hope you'll do the same! I wait for you in my blog!!



  20. What an amazing dress, love that it has both grey and purple ombré tones.

  21. what a nice dress! But what i really love the most sre the boots, in black, perfects for every look
    merry x-mas!


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