Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Sherbet

Oh hello, 

Marisa here today.  As you can probably see, I'm forever inclined to wear pastels in the winter though there is probably some rule out there telling me not too.  I'm also inclined to eat things like gelato and sorbet when it's negative degrees outside.  And though my arms get cold in February air, I never really care when I am enjoying something icy and delicious.

I guess what I'm saying, is when Jessi sent this sweet little mint skirt over way, I just couldn't help but create some kind of sherbety concoction of an outfit to pay tribute to my love for the sweet and icy.

I loved this wee number so much that I remixed it several different ways - 

Who knew a mint skirt could be so versatile this time of year?!

And this is how the gorgeous Jessi styled it for the summer months
I am smitten with that floral blouse and those little blue shoes of hers!

Have one fine Monday darlings!
Love bunches,

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Jessi's
Blouse (Dress): Modcloth
Head scarf: Vintage, gift from Salvaged Strawberry
Brooch: Vintage, belonged to grandmother
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Gift from mom, Old Navy


  1. gosh that skirt is just amazing!! and i love all the ways you styled it! adorable!

  2. I love how you've styled it for winter Marisa, and those little pumps are so cute <3 <3 (hope your son had a fab birthday!)xx

  3. another awesome cardigan you have there! lovely photos!

  4. I love all the colours in this look!! You always manage to mix colours so wonderfully! I adore this mint skirt, such a great colour and oh so versatile!

  5. Oooh, this does look like a sweet treat indeed! I love the mint and pale orange together so very much. And the skirt looks simply perfect with a warm sweater over it too-what a great piece. And the florals look so sweet on Jessi!

  6. I absolutely love that skirt every way it's been styled. ALl the colours are so fun! You look lovely :)


  7. Love all the remixing going on here. The bright colors cheer up the winter days.

  8. Omigoodness, too cute lady!! I am so in love with how you put colors together, and your outfits always turning out looking so fun and the perfect mesh of vintage and modern. I love these pieces together, the whole thing looks good enough to eat! xo


  9. Oh Marisa! You've given me so many ideas with all the ways you you styles my skirt :) I love it! This is such a darling colorful combo, I especially love those pretty little shoes!

  10. loooove this<3 cute post. Loved the title especialllyyy

  11. The colors are so so good together! I love how they are a mix of bold pastels, and now you have me craving some froyo or something even though I am freezing! Love all the versions, can I ask what lens you shot with for the R.R. tracks picture? I am saving for a new one and love your photos! :)
    xo Hannah

  12. EEE Your shoes!!!!! Amazing - I love them. And these colors are so fun and perfect together, even for winter.

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  13. I love this! The color combination is just oh so perfect! :)



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