Monday, April 22, 2013

The Scoop

Hello hello there darlings, 

Marisa here today and being that I am currently 30 weeks pregnant - all I have on my mind lately is ice cream, and water ice, and custard.  Scoops and scoops of it, especially as the weather is starting to warm up.  Being that these icy cold confections are part of my craving as of late - I thought this little ice cream print dress from Katherine, was the perfect piece to celebrate my love for the creamy treat.  

Of course, photos never happen in real time and as you can see these ones were taken pre-baby bump and before the snow melted, but nonetheless, my love for this dress and ice cream still remain. :-)

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Swap via Katherine // Hat & Shoes: UO // Shirt & Tights: Target // Necklace: Etsy

Check out how sweetly perfect Elana, Katherine, and Jessica styled this delicious little number up.

That's all for now darlings.   It's a sunny one today and the ice cream is a-callin.
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  1. Mmm.. Ice cream..

    I've been craving ice cream after watching Robin Thicke's new video... There's a quick second that he is eating some chocolate custard and it looks divine...
    Mmm, mmm, mmmmm...

    And now seeing this dress only makes me want it more :)

    I love the heels you paired with it!
    They are super darling!

  2. I love the way you styled this with the denim top underneath and the bright tights!! This dress is so wonderful and yeah now I'm craving ice cream too!!

  3. Marisa this is so cute with the chambray top underneath! I would have never thought of that but I love it! And that necklace is so lovely I love cameo everything. Ever since I got back from my cruise where you could have limitless soft serve everyday I've been craving ice cream a lot too!

  4. Oh my goodness I clicked on over as soon as I saw this little preview on your blog. First of all, the post title is adorable, and I love how you layered the ice cream dress over a chambray shirt- I definitely want to try this! As you say "before the snow melted", I sadly am looking out my work window to yet ANOTHER blizzard here today. I seriously cannot WAIT for froyo weather!
    xo Hannah

  5. I have been trying to get into more patterns lately. I don't own enough. Love quirky ones like this. Love the colored tights!

  6. love the fun dress with the classic shirt! very cute.

    -Emma from little motley

  7. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  8. I LOVE this on you! The tights especially. I love wearing tmy seashell vesion in the winter myself, it was so summery in the coldest days. I love seeing this on you!

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  9. Ok I want to join Flock Together just so I can wear this dress. SO adorable!! Hope you're feeling good these days Marisa! You're just about the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen!

    perfectly priya


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