Friday, July 5, 2013

Leopard Love

Happy Friday!  I hope those of you who live in the states are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend :).  It's Ashley of Southern (California) Belle and I'm here to show you how I styled Jenna of Smitten's leopard fit and flare dress.  I love to wear leopard but I usually do it in small amounts.  One of my favorite pairs of flats are leopard print and Betsey Johnson makes some super cute leopard jewelry.  It was a nice change to wear a dominant leopard piece with added color instead of the other way around.




Dress- Swap with Jenna
Sash- Ruche
Shoes- Deb Shops
Hat- Forever 21
I'm gonna get a little personal here, but for the past few weeks I've been feeling down about my clothes not fitting right.  Although it's a growing baby that is making my wardrobe look funny, it's sad that it's so much harder to get dressed.  When Jenna sent me this dress I instantly felt pretty!  It hugged me in the right places and for the first time in weeks I was happy with my outfit.  So special thanks to Jenna and her amazing dress!
 I love how Jenna wore this dress for winter.  Seriously, can I have that coat?  Jessica of Midwest Muse did a wonderful summer remix and incorporated some great accessories.  Click on their pictures to see their full posts!


Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Hattitude Style Blog

    oh ashley i think this dress is adorable on you! I would never have even known you were pregnant! i love love the cute bowler hat you paired with it and the pink lace bow! everything looks great for a summer time look.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  2. I LOVE this on you. The leopard print looks so amazing with your bright pink hair!! I am so glad it put you in a good mood, changing bodies can be so frustrating to dress, I hated my post surgery body and found it super discouraging to get dressed. I think you're doing an amazing job!
    Both you gals look so gorgeous in my dress!!!

  3. Super cute! You look great! That dress fits you very well and I love the idea of using the sash!

    Robyn xo

  4. You look darling Ashley! Dresses like this will seriously carry you through your whole pregnancy - not to fret :-) Your little baby bump is too cute for words!

  5. Oh, you look too darling for words! So glad that dress made you feel like a million bucks because you look like a million buck in it.

    Also fun how different each remix is, right?

  6. Happy Fourth of July! Great styling!

    xo Jo

  7. Love this idea so much. Leopard print is always a favourite of mine. I'm glad you feel great in this dress because it is just so incredible and looks beautiful on you.

  8. Super pretty ladies, you all have the best styling!!! Seriously adorable and you all wear it so well <3

    Happy 4th!

    xo, Alyssa

  9. SO lovely! I love all the ways you guys have styled it, and it's awesome that this dress made you feel instantly transformed. You look beautiful!

    xox Sammi

  10. It's so interesting to see how the same dress can look so different. I like everyone's take on it :)

    Life of Mabel

  11. I love the different looks with this dress! Your hair looks great with the leopard print, I love the pops of colour!

  12. So cute - I love how you styled this leopard dress. I'm such a fan of animal print! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  13. Aw your baby bump is starting to show more! :) So cute! I love this outfit, the peach and yellow are perfect with this dress!

  14. Aaa pretty, and you're pregnant? Congrats :3

  15. This dress is awesome! I love how everyone wore it and you look super pretty in it Ashley!

  16. i love the unexpected pink + yellow with the leopard! and i just never get tired of seeing y'all remix peices— seriously such a great blog filled with talented women!

  17. You look absolutely adorable today, I love this dress! The pink ribbon makes it so special!

    Have a fantastic week,


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