Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey, It's Jessi!
This rust-colored skirt from Kristian's lovely wardrobe was such a fun piece to mix and match with almost anything! I ended up wearing it a few different times while I had it on my hands. For this look I took a little inspiration from the skirt's owner and paired it with stripes! (I feel like Kristian can always come up with a killer striped ensemble) I felt almost Parisian with my black and white striped top and vintage sunhat but throwing in some gladiators kind of balanced it out with a little boho. Perfect for a warm Summer's day of browsing the local Farmer's Market.

Outfit Details:
Top - c/o Choies
Skirt - Kristian's
Sunhat - c/o Breck's Vintage
Sandals - Ross
Bracelet - Gift from my Mom

Here's one of the brilliant ways Kristian has styled her pretty skirt:
You can check out her full post here.
And here's how a few of the other girls have styled it! So many pretty possibilities I tell you!


  1. I love how you styled it with that pretty striped blouse!! And you look adorable in that hat :)
    I love how everyone's look is so different and awesome!

  2. love the outfit, you are so pretty :)

  3. This may be one of my favorite outfits of yours!

  4. Wow! That skirt is so Versatile! Looks good on everyone pictured!

  5. LOVE this look. And your hair :) I love finding fellow fashion bloggers with bangs!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Helloooo gorgeous! You look beautiful and definitely European! I love all the ways this skirt has been styled (and it's great that it doesn't even look like the same skirt in any of these pictures - it shows how versatile it really is), but Jessi's might just be my favorite.

    xox Sammi

  7. Wow I love how you styled this skirt Jessi, love your outfit from head to toe! Such a perfectly cute summer look!

  8. Jessi, I'm so in love with this look on you! The wine color of that skirt is just in-yer-face WHOA AWESOME YEAH! All three of those words, for real. Paired with those stripes and metallic sandals, you really modernized it into something rad.

    Hope you had fun at the Farmer's Market! Man,I haven't been to one in ages. There used to be one on our campus that I'd frequent a lot but now that I'm back home I've neglected finding one near my house. Soon!

  9. I love how everyone wore this. I used to have a hat like yours but gave it away. So cute you look!!!!!! This is pretty!

  10. I really love this skirt and how all you gals styled it! That striped shirt is so cute, Jessi!


  11. Love this outfit!! It's so cute and fun for summer!


  12. love ur look so much! the hat is so cute!!


  13. I wish I'd had a top like that to wear with the skirt when I was in Paris. This is a delightful outfit, Jessi!

    1. I thought about how you were just in Paris while I was typing this! What a coincidence ;)

  14. that's one very versatile and fab looking skirt!

  15. Loved this look! The cute little hat finishes it off perfectly. Also love Kristian's yellow turban and Ashley's cute heels! They complement the skirt very nicely.


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