Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Give me all the colors!

Hello everyone! It's Lisa from lala faux bois styling up Jessica's dress today! This dress has been on my ModCloth wish list for awhile and I jumped at the chance to borrow it as soon as I joined Flock Together. I recently showed a more casual remix with it on my blog,  so yeah, I savored my time with this dress during it's visit to Arizona ;)

dress: borrowed from Jessica // top: Buffalo Exchange // shoes: Ruche belt: thrifted

This dress has made it's way around, and it's fun to see everyone wear it in their own way. It has endless styling possibilities! Kristian and I both had the same idea that it should be photographed in front of a blue wall :)



  1. You look so pretty and bright! I love the ways you all styled this dress :)


  2. Oh what a pretty dress, you look so gorgeous! Love the candy stripes and that mustard blouse you paired it with. :)

  3. Totally love this dress with the bright blouse underneath!! It looks fantastic, and so colourful :)

  4. How fun to pair that bright blouse with it, nice thinking! and yes! it is so fun and I love it w/ the blue wall you both used for your backdrop.
    You totally brought out the holiday cheer in this dress and I love it!! that blouse under is great fun! and so funny that Chanukkah fell on Thanksgiving this year. That's fun your family celebrates both!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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