Friday, January 10, 2014

What a novelty

Hi everyone!  Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette here.  Since I am still recovering from having my wisdom teeth taken out (major ouch!) and was unable to take photos with a swapped item, Katie suggested that I do a little round-up of one of my favorite style elements: the novelty print!  I always say that I can't say no to a charming, kitschy print (and my wardrobe contains far too much proof of this!).  Here are some of my favorite novelty printed pieces that I've styled over the last year:
Most of my favorite novelty prints involve food in some way -- especially if the food in question is something sweet!  I definitely have a bit of a sweet tooth, and I love expressing this in what I wear!  
Milkshake print dress // Pie print dress

Dessert print dress // Breakfast print dress
Orange print dress // Apple print dress
Ice cream sandwich print dress // Licorice print dress
I'm also a big fan of both drinking tea and tea parties... thus, I have an abundance of tea-related prints in my closet!  It's very hard to me to resist buying these types of prints!

1 // 2 // 3
Since I'm a fan of anything that's cute and fuzzy, animal prints are a must (and not like leopard print!).  Like many bloggers, I have a penchant for cat prints, but I also like even kookier ones (like the seagull and fish prints seen here).
Cat print dress // Seagull print dress // Fish print two-piece
(There was something really exciting happening over to my left, evidently.)
This critter dress by Knitted Dove has definitely been a favorite amongst the Flock Together girls!  I mean, who could resist a dress with all sorts of woodland creatures on it?  You can look at my post here, and check out how HannahAshley and Marisa styled it as well!  I really love how well this dress is able to transition throughout the seasons -- especially since novelty prints are usually considered to be such statement pieces, and sort of lacking in versatility!  Not so!
And finally, another favorite of mine: nostalgic prints.  This is sort of a category I've come up with on my own, which includes retro-inspired prints, as well as ones that conjure up fond memories from childhood.  These are definitely the most twee of the bunch, I guess, but they also make me the happiest when I wear them!  And that's really what matters in the end.  :)

Little Red Riding Hood print dress // Circus print dress // Neverland map print dress
Beauty salon print top // Drive-in print dress
Muppet print dress // Lambchop print dress

Thanks for checking out my (lengthy) round-up!  Tell me: are you a fan of the novelty print, or is it just too much for you?  Would you ever try a novelty print, if you haven't before?  Do you own a really cool vintage novelty print piece?  I'd love to hear about it!

xox Sammi


  1. Serious dress envy here. Those are some fab pieces you got there girl. Hope you get better.


  2. agree with ivy. so much dress envy right now :) hahaha

  3. LOVE novelty prints!! the crazier, the better! I love any prints that I like in real life... teacups, food, vintage items (like my suitcase print dress).
    PS I'm dying over your pirate/treasure hunt dress from pinup girl clothing. so love it, but pink is so not my colour!

  4. You are definitely the cutest person ever! I love that you have so many dresses with unique prints that you can actually categorize them, haha. I've never seen anything like the ice cream sandwich dress! And I remember Lambchop awww I loved that show!

  5. Wow- so crazy to see your novelty print collection all together like this! You look lovely in all of them and I hope you start to feel better soon!

  6. Ooh, I hope you feel better soon! I'm not a huge fan of novelty prints, but even I can't resist Lambchop! And the apple print dress is lovely. <3

  7. How beautiful! Adorable Dresses!


  8. Guuuurl, you are the Queen of novelty prints. LOVE all of these

  9. Sammi, this is an impressive collection!


  10. Lovely dress! Where did you buy all of these? I like the breakfast,dessert, and milkshake printed most <3
    Anyway, I follow you (: Do you mind to follow back? :D

  11. the very first dress stole my heart!!!
    love, polly

  12. That is a LOT of dresses! You must have an insanely colourful closet with all those prints! I've never seen so many different ones. I really like the retro ones best, especially that circus style black and white print. And the one the other girls have, the woodland creatures. Probably because turquoise is my favourite colour. Oh and the milkshake one. I've seen it on a few bloggers and it looks just perfect for summer.

  13. Wow... It seems an impressive collection of novelty dresses. All prints are mind-boggling. Especially I like orange print, ice cream sandwich print, little red riding hood print and lambchop print dresses. BTW you looks soooooo cute in those dresses. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful stuff! xoxo

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  14. Every one of these dresses is pretty. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite. The ice cream print dress is beautiful as are the apple print dress, the dessert print dress, and all of the rest. I love all of them.

  15. Novelty prints are one of my favorite things! I love the quirky, vintage and/or retro quality that they have. Unfortunately I don't own many novelty prints because they're difficult to find in stores and I can't afford most that I see online. I'm hoping to make a few dresses for myself this summer though!
    I can't get over the number of fabulous dresses that is your wardrobe, Sammi! If you ever feel like cleaning some out, my closet is always open ;)

    xoxo, Alesha

  16. I'm dying here Sammi!...All your dresses...I want them all :-) I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a better dress collection anywhere!

  17. I LOVE your wardrobe girl!! So many cute fun prints!! That first dress is especially dreamy... and you look picture perfect in all of them!


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