Monday, February 10, 2014

Cinnamon Heart

Hello again darlings, 
Fancy seeing you twice in a week!  As it's Monday and Valentine's is right around ye olde corner, I thought what better thing to do than get all dolled up in red and hearts and all that Vday themed jazz.  Dus's red dress is Valentine's in all it's red hot glory and it was seriously the prettiest thing to prance around  Target in on this cold winter's day to pick up some milk and bread for the impending snowmageddon... and yes, I did say Target.  By the stares I received, I got the feeling that people thought I should have been on display in the Vday merchandise aisle - but nothing wrong with being a bit festive, right?  Anyhoo, I felt like this dress was begging to be paired with my heart tights and bottle of mini chocolate macaroons necklace.  Now just give me an arrow and bow and I'm good to go ;-)

I love how Dus gave this red hot beauty a bit of a Parisian vibe with her cute beret.

So that's all for now.  Wishing you one sweet week ahead!
Love Bunches, 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped via Dus // Blazer & Boots: Vintage, Thrifted     // Hat: Borrowed from hubby // Necklace: Modcloth // Tights & Socks: UO


  1. I really do love that jacket. It's absolutely stunning. And what's the point in having beautiful things if you don't get to enjoy them all the time? I love your style. :)

  2. Now that is a seriously festive look! I love the lace detail and the tights… very fun!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  3. I love how all the pieces, though they might seem random, come together really coherently. Great eclectic look. I especially love the blazer.

  4. This is such a perfect look for Valentine's Day! The details on that dress are divine.
    XOXO, Aarika (

  5. Such a fun look- I like the ever-so-slight tomboy twist with the collar and the blazer.

  6. what an absolutely fun look Marisa!! that blazer is amazing & i love the fun pairing, def wouldn't have thought of it & that's why I love it even more : ). Glad you had fun in the dress.

  7. Marisa I LOVE it! I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours...but then I guess every outfit where you would wear this perfect blazer would be my favorite outfit of yours ;) I am just completly in love with that blazer! I am a little blazer-addicted and I would love to have like that in my small collection :)
    Oh and btw, I would love to see how a monochrome outfit would turn out if you styled it! Please let me know if you are going to try :)! I posted a new monochrome outfit today; this time all red :)
    Lots of love!

  8. I love it! You would have brightened my day if I'd run into you at Target :)

  9. That dress is just absolute perfection!



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